GG | Dee-on Grey won Tekken Online Challenge Australia

Ilya Kravtsov
Oct 19 20201 min
GG | Dee-on Grey won Tekken Online Challenge Australia
Leroy and JACK-7 helped him win
T7OnlineChallenge: Australia - Exhibitions by Tekken

Australia hosted the new round of the international Tekken Online Challenge tournament, in which many good Tekken 7 players from the region took part.

GG | Dee-On Grey, Yiggs, Stuckles, Y50K, Harlem, and many more Australian players took part in the competition. Only players located in Australia were allowed for this round of the Tekken Online Challenge.

About 50 players managed to register for the tournament.

The winner became GG | Dee-on Grey, who chose Leroy and JACK-7. The second place was taken by Y50K (Claudio, Leroy, Panda). The third was DF1 | LunaHueca (Eliza).

Tekken Online Challenge Australia Results

1. GG|Dee-on Grey (Leroy, JACK-7)
2. Y50K (Claudio, Leroy, Panda)
3. DF1|LunaHueca (Eliza)
4. Romppastompa (Bryan)
5. Stuckles (Lucky Chloe)
5. 2165|McCheese (King, Miguel)
7. SRS|Scorpion (King)
7. FreeTempest (Eddy)

Recall that the previous stage of the Tekken Online Challenge in Europe was won by Why.

The DashFight team interviewed him, where the winner told about himself.

T7OnlineChallenge: Australia - Open Tournament

T7OnlineChallenge: Australia - Open Tournament

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