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Everything You Need to Know About Tekken 8

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Everything You Need to Know About Tekken 8
A new chapter in one of the best fighting games series

Tekken 8 is simply excellent! We have the right to say that after many trailers we saw, after open testing periods, and after a few gaming and esports events where T8 was playable.

It’s easy to expect a long and exciting lifespan of this title: in terms of top-level competition and also in terms of casual fun with friends. Bandai Namco cherishes the heritage of this fighting series — and the example of previous releases proves what amazing achievements the company can earn with their products.

Would you like to get some extra info about this game before actually buying Tekken 8? (yep, you can do that with a discount through that link). Here is a dedicated article on DashFight, where we highlight everything you need to know.

Tekken 8 Release Date

The game is out on January 26. It’s easy to check out the release timing thanks to this official poster.

The first teaser of Tekken 8 was shown during Evo 2022. Then we got an official announcement in September 2022.

A lot has happened since then! Thanks to many playable periods, the excitement around the game is quite tangible.

Pre-Orders, Early Access, Editions of Tekken 8

The game is available on three platforms: PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X.

If you buy Tekken 8 before the release date, you get a pre-order bonus:

  • Paul Phoenix avatar costume
  • Mokujin and Tetsujin skins — exclusively for PlayStation

There are a few Tekken 8 game editions. Let’s highlight what’s included in each of them.

Tekken 8 Standard edition

It’s a base game, which is quite enough if someone wants to play Tekken 8 and doesn't need anything extra.

Tekken 8 Deluxe Edition

This version sure contains the base game, and it comes with bonuses:

  • Year 1 Pass that includes four playable DLC characters
  • Character Costume: Gold Suit Pack
  • Kinjin avatar ski

Tekken 8 Ultimate Edition

In addition to Tekken 8 base game and everything from the Digital Edition, you get:

  • Avatar skins of Kazuya, Jun, and Jin
  • Avatar costume Classic Tekken 32 Tee Set

Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition

It’s a physical release of Tekken 8, and it comes with a set of physical objects. Digital bonuses fully repeat what you get with the Ultimate Edition.

  • Jin Figurine — 25cm, electrified
  • Steelbook
  • Leroy Smith metal ring
  • Arcade token 
  • Eight Glossy collectible cards
  • Burning Chain metal plate
  • Corporation stickers
  • Premium box

Tekken 8 Characters: Base Roster, DLC

Even the basic roster of Tekken 8 is impressive. We get 32 characters, both new and returning.

Nina Williams Jun Kazama Raven Yoshimitsu
Kazuya Mishima Ling Xiaoyu Azucena Shaheen
Jin Kazama Leroy Smith Feng Wei Kuma
Paul Phoenix Asuka Kazama Victor Chevalier Panda
Marshall Law Lili Reina Alisa Bosconovitch
King Hwoarang Leo Kliesen Zafina
Lars Alexandersson Bryan Fury Steve Fox Lee Chaolan
Jack-8 Claudio Serafino Dragunov Devil Jin

As for Tekken 8 DLC, only one character was confirmed prior the game release — and it’s Eddy Gordo. He is promised for spring 2024.

Tekken 8 Story and Gameplay

Without any doubt, it is much better to experience the story of Tekken 8, not just read about it. 

In general, we can say that Tekken is honest to its roots and highlights inter-generational struggles. Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, father and son — one wants to kill another, and… The story comes beyond the family business, scaling itself to the level of saving the world.

However complicated it may feel (which is pretty traditional for Tekken games), the story is great for diving into the game atmosphere, getting to know the characters better, and learning the basics.

For more details, check out our article about Tekken Lore.

Gameplay-wise, Tekken has some new features:

  • Heat system — characters have a full bar of Heat meter for each round. After entering this state, they get extra offense options, including even unique moves.
  • Recoverable damage — characters get gray damage after being hit by specific attacks; to recover their health, they should take some offensive actions.

Beyond that, Tekken 8 feels like… yeah, a Tekken game. The developers did not change the basic formula, but they improved it in many details.

For more information on Tekken 8 gameplay and our impressions of this game, take a look at DashFight’s Tekken 8 review here.

Tekken 8 Esports

The game will have so many tournaments, that listing all of them is rather impossible. Pick up any big fighting esports event in 2024 and further, and Tekken 8 will most likely be there.

The first competition after the release is planned for January 28, as a special preview tournament at Frosty Faustings XVI.

Tampa Never Sleeps has added Tekken 8 to their regular schedule.

Evo Japan 2024 highlights Tekken 8 among other games, on April 27-29.

Combo Breaker has Tekken 8, on May 24-26.

And we sure can expect the new Tekken Would Tour happening in 2024, as the official and the most prestigious league.

System Requirements for Tekken 8

If you plan to play Tekken 8 on PC, take a look at these official system requirements.

We are just at the beginning of the Tekken 8 era. A lot of excitement is ahead, so stay tuned to DashFight to not miss anything interesting.

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