Estimated Market Volume of Console Games Exceeds $ 50 Billion

Ilya Kravtsov
Dec 24 20201 min
Soon, games on ordinary discs may become as rare as games on floppy disks are now

In 2020, probably due to people's self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a significant gaming industry growth. It is estimated at almost + 20% to previous 2019 year data.

The total volume of the games market at the end of 2020 is estimated at $ 175 billion. At the same time, games on mobile devices rank first in terms of market volume. The size of the market for console games, according to journalists, already exceeds $ 50 billion.

The vast majority of games across all platforms are distributed digitally, not as physical disks. This trend is expected to continue in 2021.


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