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Duo Lon Character Breakdown

3 min

Duo Lon Character Breakdown
SNK explains how Duo Lon will work in KoF XV

Just recently, SNK posted their Duo Lon trailer, which allowed us to get a better understanding of how his new iteration will play. And now, shortly after, they have uploaded a character breakdown that actually details all the major things you need to know about the character.

If you don't have the time, or can't watch the video right now, here are the major points:

  • Duo Lon excels at mid and long range, where he can pressure his opponents with projectiles and far-reaching pokes.
  • The slow projectiles and general space control allow him to prevent most rush down attempts.
  • His command normals have modest damage, but their range allows Duo Lon to always keep opponents in check, both in the ground and in midair.
  • When jumping in on the opponents, the Blowback and j.HK are great choices, as their diagonal hitbox is optimal for landing a hit on both standing and crouching opponents.
  • His rekka is a vital combo tool with different applications depending on strength. LP version is fast and allows comboing from light attacks, HP version connects from heavy attacks and launches opponents higher, allowing for midair combo. All versions can be canceled into his forward teleport on last hit for mix-ups or repositioning, while EX version can be cancelled into backwards teleport.
  • The "Genmukyaku" or the teleporting kick of sorts, can be done at various ranges depending on which button you use. Normal hit will knock opponents down, while EX version will pop them towards you, allowing you to do a combo.
  • His projectile feed into his space control. The light projectile comes out quick but doesn't last long, while the heavy version is the exact opposite. Both projectiles can zone out opponents, cover your approach, or make opponents hesitate if you mix up the light and heavy versions.
  • The aforementioned teleport also has different properties. Outside varying distance, the heavy forward teleport allows you to shift through the opponents, allowing for left/right mix-ups. This is made even more powerful thanks to normal versions cancelling into fireballs, while EX version can be cancelled into his rekka.
  • Even his command normals have EX versions. Some will pack on an additional hit and pull opponents towards Duo Lon, opening room for follow-ups; while another one lets him unleash an extremely fast overhead, further boosting his mix-up game.

Soon enough, you will be able to play Duo Lon yourself, as he drops shortly next week, September 12th.