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DreamHack Summer 2024 Street Fighter 6 Results

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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DreamHack Summer 2024 Street Fighter 6 Results
A great tournament full of top players could only have one winner

DreamHack Summer 2024 was easily one of the most stacked Street Fighter 6 tournaments ever as players from all around the world came together seeking qualification spots for the Esports World Cup, and the prestige of winning DreamHack Summer with a $15,000 prize for the winner. 

The final results had Big Bird as the winner, taking it in Grand Final over Bonchan 3-1 to perform the remakable feat of beating all the asians thrown at him. 

He defeated Xiao Hai 3-0, before defeating former Evo champion, Kawano, 3-1, and then defeating Bonchan to take the win. 

The top 8 looked like this

  • 1. Big Bird
  • 2. Bonchan
  • 3. Kawano
  • 4. Hikaru
  • 5. Itabashi Zangief
  • 5. Xiao Hai
  • 7. Punk
  • 7. Rainpro

These 8 players are all already qualified for the EWC, and if anyone thought that would mean that the top 8 would no longer be fun, they were wrong as the top 8 provided loads of fun for spectators. 

The first match saw Kawano, who seems to have found a new lease on life with Akuma defeat Itabashi Zangief. Kawano is a strange player, capable of incredible feats (like winning Evo) and also could very easily not make the top spots. However, he might have started to find more consistency as he has now embraced the raging demon as his main. Itazan has certainly become something else since the Zangief buffs hit and he was so close to a Winners Final place but for a dropped combo at the death where he looked to do an optimal combo where a simple one would have served the same purpose. 

In the losers' side, Rainpro did his best, but was unable to defeat a veteran in Bonchan and the Hikaru vs Punk match was a joy to behold. The young Hikaru has been making waves for some years now but only started travelling recently and with A.K.I getting a cascade of buffs, he is suddenly in possession of a very strong character. Hikaru was able to counter all that Punk had to offer using A.K.I's slithery movement to catch Punk off-guard and defeat him. 

With Big Bird's win, it makes it the second major tournament taken by Rashid which has made people start to consider that he is perhaps a secret top-tier. Rashid didn't suffer any major adjustments in the recent balance patch and it will be interesting to see how the character does moving forward 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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