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DBFZ REV Major 2023 Results: Blueku Clutches

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DBFZ REV Major 2023 Results: Blueku Clutches
Amazing run in the brackets and wonderful comebacks in the Grand Final

The DBFZ esports scene has changed a lot since REV Major 2022. In a nutshell, we have a new balance patch and many new games to distract pro players from the Dragon Ball FighterZ competition.

Last year, we could see the dominance of the Fusions and Lab Coat (a mirror match in the Grand Final with Blue Gogeta, Vegito, and Lab Coat). Now, those characters are not such powerhouses due to the decreased gain of the ki energy meter. DBFZ players change teams for top-level events — exactly like at recent CEOtaku VII.

REV Major 2023 hosted a Power Event of the DBFZ World Tour again, so many strong competitors from other countries (Japan and Thailand) joined fights in the Philippines. Everyone wants those precious standing points. No Fenritti and GO1 this time, though.

Could local players defeat the Japanese might this time?

DBFZ Esports | REV Major 2023 | Top 8

Two Japanese players were in the parallel Semi-Final, but only one won his fight. ikoan defeated Xanxus, while ZeroOne0 was stronger than hirohiro.

ikoan and ZeroOne0 faced each other in the Winners Final, and… nope, no chances for ZeroOne0.

The player proved his strength in the lower bracket, though, by defeating Sorsa in the Losers Final.

DBFZ Esports | REV Major 2023 | Grand Final

For this fight, ZeroOne0 somewhat adjusted his team — Videl was benched, and Cooler took the Point position.

ZeroOne0 started the match quite well. He KOd Gotenks and generally looked strong. But then, Blue Goku of ikoan came to the scene and destroyed the opponent’s team, one after another.

Gotenks did not want to die so early in game two. ikoan was more aggressive in his offense and then combo-tagged Gotenks to Lab Coat, who finished Cooler. Ginyu did not let the dominance continue thanks to his mad team pressure, so Gotenks was out again — and Lab Coat with him. Blueku had to clutch, and he did it perfectly.

The first part of game three was very close, but then, ZeroOne0 removed Gotenks and Lab Coat, while still keeping his whole team. Could Blueku perform a comeback again? Yep! Blue Goku finished the job with the health of his three opponents, and ikoan celebrated victory!

ikoan is the DBFZ Champion at REV Major 2023. Congratulations!

Dragon Ball FighterZ at REV Major 2023 | Results

1. ikoan Lab Coat, Blue Goku, Gotenks
2. ZeroOne0 Captain Ginyu, Nappa, Videl
Cooler, Nappa, Captain Ginyu
3. Sorsa Lab Coat, Android 21, Blue Gogeta
4. Xanxus SS4 Gogeta, Blue Vegeta, Broly
5. hirohiro Teen Gohan, Janemba, Android 17
Teen Gohan, Lab Coat, Janemba
5. doraemonfanboy Nappa, Super Baby 2, Captain Ginyu
7. AlexEValdez Cooler, Beerus, Tien
7. MrValdez Kefla, Hit, Cooler

The next Power event of the DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024 happens quite soon — it’s Thunderstruck 2023 on October 7-8

Clash of the Olympians has a Tenkaichi event, and it happens on the same weekend.

Stay tuned to DashFight for everything around Dragon Ball FighterZ (yep, we still hope for rollback).

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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