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DBFZ CEOtaku VII Results: Hard Win

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DBFZ at CEOtaku VII: Hard Win
It’s a relatively big Tenkaichi event of the World Tour with the newest (ultimate) patch

Pro players have quite enough time to adapt to the new balance in Dragon Ball FighterZ. They even had some offline competitive practice — at Summer Jam 2023. What did they demonstrate at CEOtaku VII?

The biggest reward at this tournament is the league points for the DBFZ World Tour 2023. For the viewers, it’s pretty interesting to see what top-level team composition looks like now.

DBFZ at CEOtaku VII | Stream, Top 8

Some very strong players reached the Top 8 part and had their titan fights in the Winners bracket.

Drac defeated Nitro — probably the biggest favorite of the tournament. It wasn’t an easy match at all; Nitro won game one, so Drac had to fight for his life in the Winners. And then Drac had another tough challenge, the Winners Final against Lucar. Only in the decisive game, Drac won and proceeded to the Grand Final.

Meanwhile, measy had an impressive run through the Losers brackets. He also faced Nitro and defeated him to fight more opponents and eventually proceed to the Grand Final too.

DBFZ at CEOtaku VII | Stream, Grand Final

This match was just incredible — and absolutely hard for both participants.

measy did comeback magic with his Super Baby 2 and won two games in a row. But then it was the turn of Drac to clutch, and he brought the fight to the last game and last character. Goku GT opened Videl up and avoided bracket reset.

Drac is the DBFZ Champion at CEOtaku VII. Congratulations!

DBFZ at CEOtaku VII | Results

1. Drac Kefla, Goku GT, Lab Coat
2. measy Blue Vegeta, Videl, Super Baby 2
Lab Coat, Videl, Super Baby 2
3. Lucar Lab Coat, SS4 Gogeta, Android 16
Videl, UI Goku, Android 16
4. Ksack Cooler, Beerus, Tien
5. Nitro Cell, Goku GT, Tien
5. Coach Steve Jiren, Bardock, Broly
7. SilverTabby Goku Black, Zamasu, Lab Coat
7. Jordan_B Super Baby 2, Nappa, Krillin

The next significant DBFZ tournament will be a Power event of the World Tour — at REV Major 2023, on October 1.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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