DashFight Video Interview: Alexander “Hadoken” Marchenko

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DashFight Video Interview: Alexander “Hadoken” Marchenko
This fighting games player from Ukraine has proven his skills at the MK11 tournament WePlay Dragon Temple

Fighting games are popular all over the world, and many players from different regions dream about building their professional esports career. For Alexander “Hadoken” Marchenko, an MK11 player from Ukraine, this dream comes true. He plays at local tournaments, organizes some of them, and plans to travel and participate in international events.

On December 10-13, Hadoken had a chance to play against top Mortal Kombat players at the tournament WePlay Dragon Temple

DashFight couldn’t miss the opportunity to introduce this promising player to you, guys. We’ve recorded this video interview with Hadoken, and invite you to watch it.

Hadoken talks about:

  • Strongest and weakest characters in Mortal Kombat 11
  • Best professional players
  • The worst mechanic in the MK11
  • Future of the game
  • Offline and online matches
  • His experience as a tournament organizer

We at DashFight love representing all the layers of fighting esports - you never know where you can witness fantastic matches and when you can meet a new fighting games celebrity. We wish Hadoken all the best in his career! At WePlay Dragon Temple, he won a couple of 2v2 matches while partnering with MK_Azerbaijan.