DashFight Valentine's Day Special

Elizbar Ramazashvili
2 min
DashFight Valentine's Day Special
Happy Valentine's Day to all the FGC couples!

Today is Monday, February 14th. Everywhere around the world, couples happily cuddle, kiss, and congratulate each other because it’s their day. Today is Valentine's Day, the most romantic day on the calendar.

Today is the day of gifts (mainly chocolate and sweets, remember!), greeting cards, and love. Couples flock to the cafes, restaurants, public parks, and many other places they deem sufficiently romantic.

No one, not a single soul, however, spares the thought for those who are left without an opportunity to partake in all this fun for the incredibly simple reason of not having a significant. They’re alone on this day of love and romance, moping and brooding by themselves, or hating the very existence of this day and everything it stands for (trust me, I do!). But not everyone is like me. Some take the matter into their own hands. They actively try to meet someone.

We live in the age of technology, so such things are made easier by the grace of modern apps. Many of us, unfortunates, use them, and quite successfully at that, to find interesting people. And then, who knows, something more significant can come to be.

But we are not the only ones who feel lonely. Some of our most beloved fighting game characters would also like to spend Valentine’s Day with someone else. Let’s look at their profiles and decide if they are a good match for us, and we are a good match for them!

*This functionality is provided as a lighthearted joke with no intent to offend anyone. We do not imply or presume to know about any of these characters’ likes, preferences, or anything else.