DashFight is the Official Media Partner for the WePlay Dragon Temple

Sebastian Quintanilla
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DashFight is the Official Media Partner for the WePlay Dragon Temple
images Courtesy of WePlay/Dashfight
We are delighted to have a chance to provide our readers with an exclusive look at this great event!

At DashFight we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with WePlay Esports for the upcoming WePlay Dragon Temple offline tournament in December. You can read more details about this event on the official website.

DashFight is the official media partner for the event. Creating exclusive coverage and interviews of the tournament as it unfolds starting on December 10th. The wins, the losses, and all the emotions in between will be captured by the team in Kyiv. Doing our best to make you feel like you are there on the ground floor. Everyone on the team is incredibly excited to have this chance to connect fans with the event, even if it is at a distance. Here is our Editorial and Content Lead, Nick speaking about the opportunity.

I am a big fan of WePlay Esports and I love how they always put their creativity into the story, atmosphere, and decorations surrounding each of their events. This year they are doing their first fighting tournament and DashFight is excited to be an official media partner of WePlay Dragon Temple. We will try our best to cover this event and create content to be proud of. This is a big step for our platform and I believe this partnership will benefit both of our companies
Nick PovolotskyiDashFight Editorial and Content Lead

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