Capcom Released a New Sketch of Oro

Ilya Kravtsov
1 min
Capcom Released a New Sketch of Oro
Capcom has released in recent weeks new looks at Dan, Rose, and Akira

The last time this fighter was playable about 20 years ago, in Street Fighter 3. He will appear again in Street Fighter 5 next year. Who is this? This is Oro. He will become a new DLC character for Street Fighter 5's fifth and final season.

Keeping an eye on the upcoming event, Capcom has released a new sketch of Oro.

Though we didn't see much of this famous turtle figure in Oro's Street Fighter 3 appearance, it looks to be front and center for the character now. Street Fighter 5 Director, Takayuki Nakayama, was sure to point out that he and his team are designing Oro to have some sort of special balance mechanic involving his reptilian friend.

Previously Capcom introduced a sketch of Akira's new look

In addition, we informed that the departure of Ono from Capcom delayed Street Fighter VI release date.

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