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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 World Warrior #4: All the Weekend's Results

Femi Famutimi
8 min

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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 World Warrior #4: All the Weekend's Results
We are a step closer to finding out who will qualify for Capcom Cup from a slew of regions. Here's how everyone fared.

Around the world, different regions have held their 4th World Warrior event and the respective tables now look pretty set. The rules of the World Warrior event is that there are five of them and players accumulate points based on their placement in each tournament. At the end of 5 tournaments, the top 8 on the leaderboard play a final regional final with the winner obtaining the right to go to Capcom Cup to win the big bucks. 

Below, we'll look at the current state of various regions. 

BR Kumite - World Warrior 2023 - Brazil 4 

NamikazeExTM was the winner of the World Warrior event taking it over HKDASH after coming from the lower bracket. Namikaze has been dominant with this win being his third in the series and the only one he hasn't won is the one he didn't partake in. He now has 150 points and is guaranteed a spot in the top 8 regional final. 

WW Brazil 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 Namikaze 150
2 Keoma 110
3 RonaldinhoBR 105
4 DARK-RAS 100
6 Brayan_Job 70
7 Pe_Dream 60
7  HorusPaulin 60

Digital Havoc - World Warrior 2023 - Canada East 4

JOE UMEROGAN is one of the most prominent names out of the Canadian scene and he is doing the job to ensure that he is in Capcom Cup again. He was the winner of the 4th WW tournament taking it over Sayff, another veteran name on the scene. JOE had to work for it though as he lost the first set before rallying and finding the win. This only puts him in third place on the table though as Sayff still sits safely on top.

WW Canada East 2023 Table

Rank  Player  Score
1 Sayff 150
2 FluxWaveZ 140
4 Zhen 105
5 Rami 100
6 Zykles 80

Carryout Clash - World Warrior 2023 - US East 4

Nuckledu was the winner of the Carryout Clash defeating BananaKen in the Grand Final. He has so far taken second place twice losing to Punk each time. However, this time, Punk was not in attendance, so it seems Nuckledu was the King in absence of the King. This win puts him in first place sealing his spot in the regional finals. 

WW North America East 2023

Rank  Player  Score
1 Nuckledu 155
2 Punk  140
3 MenaRD 100
4 Space Boy 95
4 BananaKen  95
6 iDom 90
7 Sami 65
8 Zaferino  55

Versus Masters - World Warrior 2023 - Asia Southeast 4

Xian is a former Evo winner and is also one of the men responsible for one of the biggest FGC scene, the Singaporean scene. In Street Fighter 6, he has shown some incredible form and he has been at the forefront of the World Warrior series. He is also at the top of the table having won three out of the four WW tournaments. 

WW Asia Southeast 2023

Rank Player Score
1 Xian 175
2 Seo  165
3 xopowo 100
4 Levi 95
5 MindRPG 90
5 Bravery 90
7 IamChuan 80 
8 Budget Xian 60

Japan - World Warrior 2023 - Japan #5

In Japan, Fuudo is the king as he won his second World Warrior event making him the only person to win two World Warrior events. He defeated Nemo in the Grand Finals and with Japan we have the regional final locked in. 

WW Japan 2023

Rank Player Score
1 Fuudo 120
2 Tokido 95
3 Kabe 80
3 Moke 80
5 Yamaguchi 75
5 Kakeru 75
7 Kazunoko 70
7 Fenritti 70

凹比盃 AubyCup - World Warrior 2023 - Asia East 4

In Asia East, Chris Wong was the winner. Chris has been insanely consistent, if a little unlucky in his results so far. He was close to winning the CPT online event, but narrowly lost to NL. In the Singapore tournament, he was on a tear, even defeating Tokido on his way to Grand Final. He had even defeated Gachikun, but couldn't clutch it out at the end. With that, his chances of qualification is slimmer than ever, but he has a huge chance here and will be a deserving entrant into Capcom Cup. 

WW Asia East 2023 Table

Rank Player Scores
1 Chris Wong 175
2 UMA327 155
3 ZJZ 100
4 HotDog29  90
5 GutsBoom 80
6 Micky 75
7 Oil King 70
8  Ugang 65

Get Washed - World Warrior 2023 - South Africa 4

JabhiM is the most well-known name in South Africa and he has already qualified for Capcom Cup. But, he is not letting up in the region and entered for the tournament again and winning meaning he is eligible for the regional final, but will probably not appear for it giving his place to the next ranked player. He defeated Chibi_K to win and keep himself sharp for the upcoming battle. 

WW South Africa 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 JabhiM 140
2 Will_bartness  130
3 AcuteMoon  115
4 Ren 105
5 MarkTheShark9200 90
5 Sunny 90
7 Bionic2307 80
8 Chibi_K 65

Slash N Dash - World Warrior 2023 - Middle East 4

The Middle East scene is dominated by two men— Big Bird and Angrybird. 

The latter has won Evo so he is already in Capcom Cup. So, Big Bird has been the next standout player winning three World Warrior events in a row. More or less guaranteed to make the regional final, he didn't partake in this event, letting others shine. LordG was the winner in this occasion defeating WESS, who we last saw at the Gamers8 Invitational. 

WW Middle East 2023

Rank Player Score
1 Big Bird 150
2 vWsym 95
3 Fandroid 85
4 LordG 75
5 GTR  70
5 Abood bboy 70
7 Solemn_Swift  60
8 Fruit 55

SPIRITZERO X World Warrior 2023 - South Korea #4

In South Korea, with NL already qualified, Leshar is the one blazing the trail and he has won all four of the World Warrior events meaning he is on a whopping 200 points. If regional finals was not a thing, he would already be in Capcom Cup. However, he will now have to prove his dominance once more when the regional finals roll around. 

WW South Korea 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 Leshar 200
2 Armperor 130
3 IT_G_MA_YO 100
4 Cosco 80
5 GubniPR  65
6 Tynahan 55
6 Yunjabes 55
8 FoxRain 50

Super Saturdays - World Warrior 2023 - US Midwest 4

In the Midwest the many, many, super talented Street Fighter pros are fighting for a spot in the regional final and for this 4th event, Joey was the winner. He defeated Dual Kevin to give himself a healthy bump in points and place him solidly in a spot for the regional finals. With other notable names like FlashMetroid, JAK, and Brian_F, the regional final is sure to be a lively event.

WW Midwest 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 FlashMetroid 155
2 Dual Kevin 140
3 hsien  125
4 KongFuHustle 110
4 Joey 110
6 ElChakotay 75
7 JAK  60
8 Brian_F 55

UNGA - World Warrior 2023 - Oceania 4

In the Oceania region, Australia is the major force within the FGC, and the winner of the 4th World Warrior event was none other than the E.Honda user, FREESER. FREESER made a strong impression at the Singapore offline event and was really good. He even gave some backstory to his gamer tag and explained that he used to be considered a free fight and a scrub. But, he persisted and is now one of the top names in the Australian scene. With Travis Styles already in Capcom Cup, FREESER has a strong chance of being the next person to qualify from the region. 

WW Oceania 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
2 pahnda 125
3 Travis Styles  115
4 Zarzob 110
5 Blackout 100
6 ROF  85
7 CemeteryGates 80

Fighters Dojo - World Warrior 2023 - Asia South 4

This region has been dominated by India who are not a scene we are very familiar with in Street Fighter. The leader here had been BD, but this time, the winner of this event was Shadoken. We will be interested in seeing more of thise scene. 

WW Asia South 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 BD 190
2 MiKeYROG 135
3 b_HAUNT 100
4 Shadoken 95
5 Prince  75
6 lllRaihanlll 70 
7 AYAN01  65 
7 Baadshah_Miya 65

UOS - World Warrior 2023 - France 4

Valmaster was the winner of the last event which continues to solidify him as one of the very best in France. He defeated Kayne who has really come to the fore in Street Fighter 6. But France is full of killers and Valmaster will have to fend off the likes of Mister Crimson, Kilzyou, Luffy, Akainu and so on to make his way to Capcom Cup. 

WW France 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 Valmaster 155
2 Kayne 110
3 Cuongster  105
4 Mister Crimson  100
4 Maldominant 100
6 Nassim-Claw 75
7 Kilzyou  70
8 Akainu 60

LATAM FIST - World Warrior 2023 - CA West 4

The Central American West is a region with some absolute gems that are a little unknown, but are awesome. TODAKAI is a great example and while he has so far led the way in this region, he was unavailable for this tournament because of commitments to First Attack where he took 3rd place. In his absence, DestroyGodz took the victory and will hope this will help propel him to a win at the regional finals. 

WW Central America West 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 DestroyGodz 180
3 ARMA-X- 125
4 Psychotool 90
5 Nain Jr 85
6 Doomsnake 75
7 Darktesria 50
7 Sorrow 50

Champion's Road - World Warrior 2023 - SA West 4

In the South American region, DARLAN has been the pioneer and was in impressive form again as he defeated NeroTheBoxer to gain a sweet 50 points. 

WW South America West 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 DARLAN 165
2 Pikoro 150
3 NeroTheBoxer 125
4 Patada Veloz 105
5 Limestone  85
7 ioRoS  70
8 Panadero  60

Mexican Mash Series - World Warrior 2023 - Mexico 4

Uriel Velorio was the winner in this tournament and is well on his way to fighting for the spot at Capcom Cup. Kusanagi is the current representative of Mexico at Capcom Cup and one of Uriel Velorio, SolVNG, Jazdero among other will join him at the showpiece event next year. 

WW Mexico 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 Uriel Velorio 160
2 Excelancer 120
3 SolVNG  110
3 FRT_LuGabo 110
5 AmigoPool 95
6 RockDiem 90
7 Jazdero 85
8 Hokuto  70

De La Calle - World Warrior 2023 - SA East 4

Dookie has already qualified for Capcom Cup, but like JabhiM, is still very interested in messing people's day, so he entered into the tournament and won. This puts him pretty up there in the table even though his spot will eventually go to someone else. 

WW South America East 2023 Table

Rank Player Score
1 Atma 135
2 Dookie  130
3 Celfcool 95
3 Younghou 95
3 shaka22 95
6 Pochoclo23 75
6 Pertusi  75
8 Leeito94 70

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