Capcom Pro Tour 2022 Format and Schedule Announced

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Capcom Pro Tour 2022 Format and Schedule Announced
Get ready for another year of top notch Street Fighter competition

 Capcom has revealed some very exciting information about their new CPT plans. During the pandemic, the Pro Tour tournaments kept the flames going for high level SFV comppetition, and for 2022 it's only getting better.

For Capcom Pro Tour 2022, there will be 3 ways to qualify:

  1. Online Premieres - there will be 19 online events on 19 different territories with the winner qualifying for the Capcom Cup and top 4 finalists splitting a $5000 prize pool.
  2. Offline Premieres - that's right, offline is coming back! These premieres will take place at existing major FGC events with more details coming soon.
  3. World Warrior - the real highlight of this reveal. World Warrior is a system that Capcom wanted to implement a while back but was hindered by the pandemic. This system will allow to incorporate local offline and online tournaments into the CPT, similar to Tekken's Dojo system. Once again, more details will be available later.

Capcom has also shown their agreement with the Olympic Committee's statement and will exclude Russia and Belarus from the online competition.

The opening of CPT 2022 will be an online premiere in North America West on April 30th and May 1st. You'll be able to watch the tournament on Capcom Fighters Twitch and Youtube channels.