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Brian_F Criticizes the Capcom Cup Format

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Brian_F Criticizes the Capcom Cup
Capcom's vision might be at odds with player expectations

Following the results of the most recent Capcom Pro Tour event in France, a number of Street Fighter players have voiced their concerns about the format of the event.

The major element of this comes down to MenaRD, who is indisputably one of the most skilled players in the scene. Between his accolades in SFV, including two Capcom Cup wins, and his SF6 achievements, there is no chance of denying that he isn't one of the best and one of the most consistent players out there.

However, we might not even see him at the big arena, battling for that mind-blowing 2 million dollar prize pool, all due to unfortunate structure that values one-time results over consistent results, like the TWT point system.

Brian_F was among the first to point out the glaring flaw of this design.

Broski also chimed in with a similar argument. It's baffling to think that one of the most widely respected players, whose skill is acknowledged even by the biggest detractors, is at risk of even being present at the Capcom Cup.

As Brian_F also pointed out, MenaRD still has a few opportunities to qualify, but even if he does, some great players will inevitably not make it into the competition.

To be fair to Capcom, the current format allows players from more regions to show themselves off, and the recent TWT accomplishing something similar with regional qualifiers has led to decently exciting games, but Capcom's vision could be at odds with both players and the community in this regard.

Many look forward to Capcom Cup as the ultimate showdown between the best of the best, and there will certainly be strong representatives from every region, the disparity between them could lead to an anti-climactic finish to an otherwise great tour.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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