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Brawlhalla Moosemas: Results

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Brawlhalla Moosemas: Results
Pic Source: Ajmorr2000 on Twitch
Many hot matches with the spirit of winter holidays

This year was wonderful for the competitive Brawlhalla community. We could enjoy many esports tournaments, official and community. The Moose Wars series took a short break in the middle of 2023, but then we had a few super interesting tournaments — like the record-breaking Gobble Gauntlet.

Moose Wars: Moosemas was a decent conclusion of the season. The event traditionally had 2v2 and 1v1 dimensions.

Brawlhalla Esports | Moosemas Doubles

Hideaway partnered with Zen for this tournament. They had tough fights against TruckStopBurrito / Bunny >w< in the Semi and against Starlit | HYBRID / Santy in the Final — Hideaway / Zen fell to the Losers after that second match. After defeating Walshy / Pugsy in the Losers Final, the players proceeded to the Grand Final.

It was an amazing 6:0 run! Hideaway / Zen defeated Starlit | HYBRID / Santy and won Moose Wars: Moosemas Doubles.

Brawlhalla Esports | Moosemas Singles

In a way, this tournament was a fight between the two most recent Legends, Red Raptor (by Raydish) and Loki (by Guichabou). Radish stuck to the Battle Boots character throughout the whole Top 8 part. Guichabou also played Lin Fei occasionally.

Raydish was more successful in this direct competition. The player won the Winners Final, giving Loki only one game.

Guichabou finally switched to Lin Fei after losing game one of the Losers Final. That step helped the player reach the Grand Final. But then, Raydish with Red Raptor reached the top of Moose Wars: Moosemas.

Moose Wars: Moosemas Singles | Results

  • 1. Raydish — Red Raptor
  • 2. Guichabou — Loki, Lin Fei
  • 3. BalloonBoy — Zariel, Diana
  • 4. Zinquer — Koji, Hattori
  • 5. megD — Finn (Jhala), 
  • 5. Pier — Asuri, Fait
  • 7. anime — Onyx
  • 7. Tanker — Tezca, Asuri, Teros

We have a couple of Brawlhalla community tournaments left in 2023. nSig: SEA Showdown - Tundra (SEA) and Sábrawldo #77 / Brawltalha #49 (SA) happen on December 16-17.

Let’s not forget one more excitement planned for this year. On December 20, the newest Legend, Seven, joins the Roster.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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