Brawlhalla Midseason Championship: Fights and Emotions

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Brawlhalla Midseason Championship: Fights and Emotions
Pic Source: Brawlhalla Esports on Twitter
It was a rare chance to see guys from different regions playing in one tournament

The past weekend was absolutely special for the Brawlhalla community. For the first time since 2020, we witnessed an offline tournament. Yes, Midseason Championship had no viewers at the arena, and it wasn’t an open event. But it was so refreshing to actually see people behind those virtual characters and live with them through the emotional experiences of losing and winning Brawlhalla matches.

We’ve described the format of the Brawlhalla Midseason Championship in this post. So, Let’s jump directly into the most exciting part — watching the fights and reviewing the result.

The Championship continued for three days. The second one was dedicated to the Doubles matches.

Brawlhalla Midseason Championship, Doubles, Top 4 | Stream

Brawlhalla Midseason Championship, Doubles | Results

Brawlhalla Midseason Championship, Top 8 to Top 4 | Stream

Of course, the Singles matches are the core of the tournament.

Five North American players, two guys from South America, and one from Europe — this was the Top 8 part regions-wise. It’s nice to see similar diversity moving to Top 4.

Brawlhalla Midseason Championship, Top 4 | Stream

Fiend was an absolute hero of the Losers side. The guy couldn’t proceed to the Grand Final but demonstrated such a unique style that we definitely should keep an eye on him in Brawlhalla esports. Just notice how he throws weapons!

MegD lost the Winners Final to luna, but managed to defeat Fiend in the Losers Final. Even switching from Wu Shang to Queen Nai for the last two games did not save the Brazilian player.

Then MegD demonstrated breathtaking miracles on the fighting ground and reset the Grand Final. Still, luna did not let him win the most important match. 

luna was brilliant throughout the whole tournament. It was a confidently strong style and well-deserved victory. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Midseason Championship | Results

There is no doubt that in-person tournaments are amazing! We look forward to seeing more such Brawlhalla events.

And what can be better news in this regard than announcing the in-person World Championship?

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