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And Your DashFight Award Winners Are....

And Your DashFight Awards Winners Are....

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Thanks everyone who participated in the first edition of our DashFight Awards!

Earlier this month, we announced the first edition of our very own DashFight Awards, celebrating the best we've seen this 2022 across the Fighting Games Community. After tallying all the votes, we are ready to show you the winners of each of the categories:

Best Match of The Year

For the best match of the year, the votes were clear among the audience and the panel of judges. Fighting games evolve throughout the lifetimes, and for the winners of this match, that game's life was well spent in training to give us such a memorable match:

iDom vs Kawano @ Evo 2022 GF (SFV)

3:46 AMBO5Kawanoflag
3:55 AMBO5iDomflag

Best Tournament of the Year

Tournaments are the backbone of the competitive Fighting Games Community. Without them, the skills players sharpen would go largely unnoticed, breakthrough players would not have a chance to prove to the world they can beat their contemporaries, and we would miss out on so many pop-off moments. Thus, the best tournament this year was:

Tekken 7 @ REV Major 2022

Event of the Year

After years of not being able to enjoy the experience of offline events, 2022 came out swinging with some of the best events we have seen out of the FGC yet. It was a hard choice but at the end of the day, there could have only been one winner:

Evo 2022

Best Content Creator of the Year

Content creators provide an important service to the Fighting Games community. They can be a player's first introduction to new titles, a way to learn the ins and out of games with their guides and streams, and they help grow a community of fans that show up in droves whenever there is a chance to highlight how much they are appreciated:


Breakthrough Player of the Year

New players rise each year to the challenge of dethroning the masters at their games. Although not all become champions on their first try, many do leave a lasting impression, one that fans take notice of and wish to celebrate:

Dawood Sikandar (Tekken 7)

Best Player of the Year

A legacy is something that all top players build upon with each victory, with each bout. Although each game has their own set of grand masters, it is hard to mount an argument against a player who has consistently shown to be one of the most talented at his craft:

Knee (Tekken 7)

Most Anticipated Upcoming Game presented by Hit Box

It was a tight race to the finish line with the audience's votes. In truth, 2023 and beyond carry with it an immense amount of hype about the future of Fighting Games and their competitive scenes. We cannot wait to get our hands on all of them, but you could pick only one, and that was:

Street Fighter 6

Best Ongoing Game of the Year

As the industry continues to transition to a live service model, the longevity of a game continues to become all the more relevant to players. The next generation seems to be readying up for that process but This year's winner is a shining example of how longevity is not measured by content drops alone:

Tekken 7

Fighting Game of the Year

Every year a new wave of games hits the FGC. Although each has an exciting story to tell or a new iteration of a fighting game's formula, only a handful can break through the fog and shine across the scene. 2022 was another excellent year for the FGC, and it was a hard fight to the finish line, with the audience votes deciding the winner:

The King of Fighters XV

DashFight Awards 2022

Thank you once again for joining us for the first DashFight Awards in 2022. We are incredibly excited to see what 2023 will bring to the world of fighting games, from our most anticipated games to the ongoing tiles, the players that are up and coming, and those who have shown their dominance for years!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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