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Jake the Dog

Jake the Dog

Finn's loyal companion and lifelong friend. Jake the Dog, or simply Jake, is a magical dog with shapeshifting powers and easy-going attitude.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 5

  • Weight: 5

  • Damage: 6

  • Ranged: 4

  • Support: 4



Jake's origins are as strange as one might expect from a dog that can manipulate its size and shape. When his parents were investigating a shapeshifting creature, Jake's dad was attacked by said creature. The result was a swelling on his head, out of which Jake would eventually emerge. Despite the unusual circumstances, his parents, Joshua and Margaret, would raise Jake as their own, treating him no different than their other son, Jermaine.

Sometime later, their family would expand yet again after Jake's parents found an abandoned human kid named Finn and adopted him. He and Jake would go on to grow up together and form a strong friendship.

After the passing of their parents, Jake and Finn moved over to live in the Tree Fort. Despite initially taking up the crime, Jake eventually gave it up to instead share Finn's passion for adventure.

Ever since, the two have gone on a variety of adventures, meeting new people, exploring new places, and always learning new things.


Jake is as chill as one can be. Even in the most perilous of situations, he effortlessly keeps his cool and even manages to crack occasional jokes, and for a good reason! Jake's own abilities are extremely powerful, and when combined with Finn, there's no reason to fear or lose confidence. Despite his overall comedic presence, Jake is no stranger to occasionally dispensing wisdom or advice to help out Finn.


Jake is a bruiser that excels in spacing thanks to great range on many of his attacks and the ability to hit opponents at virtually any angle. With attacks like his stretching punch or the axe hand, he gains access to solid poking and can kill opponents who are too careless. While his potential for early kills is not very high, thanks to his ability to pile on the pressure, he's great for rushing down opponents and building up damage to cash in with his strong kill moves.

His biggest weakness lies in being too predictable. If Jake is too obvious with his long-range or slower attacks, it gives opponents an opportunity to dodge into him and punish him with a combo. Speaking of combos, Jake doesn't have too many of them and sometimes has to leave a gap that can be punished.


Jake is a yellow dog with a stocky round body, floppy ears, snub mouth, and big black eyes with huge white reflections. Due to his shapeshifting powers, he can change his appearance to become bigger, stretch his body or limbs, or turn into something else, like a small house or a boat.

Key Information:

Age: 16 (in human years)

Type: Bruiser

Weight: Medium

Style: Hybrid

Debut: January 11, 2007

Franchise: Adventure Time

Availability: Base game

Cost: 2000 Gold or 700 Gleamium