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Guilty Gear -Strive-

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Guilty Gear -Strive-
Guilty Gear -Strive-


She is one of the Valentines created by the Universal Will. She has a somewhat obsessive quest for a suitable husband. Feeling guilty for being useless, she fled from her duties at the Illyria Castle and started her Heavy Metal band called "Speothos Venaticus."Know more

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Elphelt Valentine, a creation of the Universal Will, is a unique character in the Guilty Gear universe. Unlike her 'sisters', Elphelt was born with a distinct purpose: to observe and eventually align with Sol until the revival of Justice. However, her narrative took an unexpected turn when she, initially oblivious to her true nature as a Valentine, led a seemingly everyday life, which a Death Metal singer disrupted on her wedding day. This marked the reactivation of her programming, and the return of her lost memories.

Elphelt's story unfolds with her proactive role in thwarting her sister Ramlethal's destructive plans. Despite initial mistrust, she becomes an ally to Sol Badguy and others, contributing significantly to their battles. However, her programming reasserts itself, revealing her mission to infiltrate the group. In a dramatic twist, Elphelt confronts her nature and defies the Universal Will, showcasing her growth from a mere pawn to a character with agency.

Guilty Gear -Strive- offers a resolution to Elphelt's tumultuous journey. Following the defeat of the Universal Will, she finds solace and a new purpose in life. Her involvement with Ky's family and participation in the band Speothos Venaticus exemplify her search for self-identity and her desire to bring joy to others.


Elphelt is a multi-dimensional character with personality traits that set her apart from her predecessors. Unlike Valentine and Ramlethal, she displays a wide range of human emotions, aligning with her purpose of infiltrating human society. Her kind-heartedness and love for nature and animals highlight her compassionate side. She is keenly aware of others' pain and loneliness, often striving to offer comfort and support.

Her pursuit of the essence of "womanhood" and her optimistic outlook are central to her character. However, these traits are coupled with a stubbornness that makes it difficult to sway her opinions or dampen her spirits. Elphelt's personality development is pivotal to her narrative, reflecting her evolution from a programmed entity to a character with her own will and desires.


Elphelt Valentine's playstyle is versatile and strategic. Her arsenal, diverging from traditional melee-focused characters, encompasses various weapons. This includes long-range rifles, shotguns that convert ambient mana into ammunition, and her primary weapons, Ms. Confille and Ms. Travailler.

Her sniping ability and quick aim and reload skills allow for effective long-distance combat. Elphelt's proficiency with a pistol, fruit-shaped grenades, and a champagne cannon offer varied combat tactics. Surprisingly, her bouquet of roses serves dual purposes as a melee weapon and storage for her diverse armaments, including a hidden cake-cutting blade. Her unique combat style requires players to master a balance of range, timing, and resource management, offering a rewarding challenge to those who choose to play as her.


Elphelt's appearance has evolved significantly throughout the Guilty Gear series, reflecting her changing roles and personality. In Guilty Gear -Strive-, her design takes on a rocker-themed bridal motif. This new look features a white sleeveless dress with a pink ruffled underskirt and black shorts, complemented by a striking pink leather jacket and thigh-high boots. The ensemble is accentuated with silver and copper spikes, adding a rebellious flair to her bridal theme.

Her accessories include a spiked collar, wrist cuffs, and a headband, resonating with her new rocker persona. The transformation is completed with black biker gloves and a distinctive clover zipper pull on her jacket. A notable aspect of her appearance is the incorporation of her weaponry into her design, with her gun bearing a microphone head, symbolizing her nature as a fighter and a performer in her band.

Key Information:

Height: 168 cm (5'6")

Weight: Dream kg

Blood Type: Mysterious 

Origin: Backyard

Date of Birth: December 25

Hobbies: Romantic discussions, pretending to be a bush dog

Likes: Smiling faces, saving up for a bush dog, anything sweet

Dislikes: Any kind of bug, killing, loneliness

Affiliation: Universal Will (formerly), United Kingdoms of Illyria (abandoned), Speothos Venaticus

Weapon: Ms. Confille and Ms. Travailler.

Debut: Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, February 2014

Availability: DLC (Season 3)