Tekken 7 - PS4

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Sun, Jun 27

I recently got Tekken 7 because I've been in the mood for it lately after I saw a youtube video in my recommended feed. I haven't played a Tekken game since Tekken 4. I loved Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag. I spent so many hours with Tekken 3, mainly because it was the first game I owned for PS1 and I didn't own a memory card so I had to keep going through the arcade mode so many times just to re-unlock the characters. I didn't play another Tekken after 4, I think the game felt too slow for me. Something about that game turned me off.

Anyways, Tekken 7 feels familiar yet new at the same time. I've lightning fast and it feels like the Tekken I remember, but it also feels different. They made changes to the combat system which includes charging attacks that can't be interr https://192168ll.link/upted but are slow, as well as Rage attacks, which are super moves that you unlock when are in critical health. It seems that Rage attacks are unblockable but leave you wide open to get interrupted. There's also a mechanic that allows you to do special moves with pressing two buttons together. By default, the L1 button will bring up this menu with four special moves, each being mapped to one of the face button, and then you press a face button to instantly do that special move. These changes they've made results to the game being easier to pick up, but it's also still very difficult to master.

One thing I'm missing are the arcade mode endings. It wa https://routerlogin.uno/s so fun beating arcade mode and getting a crazy cutscene at the end. Now it just, ends, and that's it. There's a story mode though but I haven't tried that out.

Overall, I'm very happy I got Tekken. It's very exciting and I feel so nostalgic playing this game again.



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