The Rules of Our Forum

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Thu, Mar 25

Hello there, all fighting games and esports fans! If you happen to find yourself here, it means that you are conscious of this community. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! The list of the rules below is our zero-tolerance policy, and everything mentioned here is the Law


1.   All posts must be written in English

2.   No toxic behavior:

-          No hostility and harassment towards others;

-          No hateful materials or messages attempting to attack on the basis of race/nationality/gender/religion/beliefs/community membership/etc.

3.   No swearing, obscene, or hate-charged language

4.   No posts containing or linking to obscene or otherwise NSFW materials

5.   Inciting users to commit to behavior that is illegal or otherwise banned by the rules of this forum is forbidden

6.   Trying to steal another person’s information will result in a permanent ban

7.   Impersonating a member of a leader of a community, even as a joke, will result in a permanent ban

8.   Any form of communication and coordination with malicious intent will result in post removal and ban


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Thu, Mar 25

Posting etiquette of our forum. Please, follow the mentioned guides if you want to help us in making this forum a better place for the fighting games community 


Please, refrain from: 

 - Being mean and unhelpful in the discussion

 - Piracy: discussing or posting content that references piracy in any way

 - Posting off-topic, for instance, about Street Fighter in Mortal Kombat topic. We want our forum to be helpful and focused for the sake of our users’ experience

 - Spam: please, try your best to post meaningful and original content. Your experience as a topic reader relies on someone’s intent as a poster and vice versa


 - Posting strong non-constructive opinions like “Player X sucks” or “Character X is garbage!”. We want our forum to be helpful and dedicated to the meaningful exchange