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An ultimate soldier. Dragunov is laser-focused on whatever mission is given to him and executes it at the highest efficiency. His pragmatic attitude and cold demeanor make him an excellent operative and a terrifying opponent.Know more

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Dragunov Guide


So you decided to play Dragunov? Great choice. Despite receiving some nerfs over Tekken 7’s lifespan, he remains one of the most popular picks online, and for a good reason. Dragunov is a solid and well-rounded character that is simple to pick up but rewards those who master his tools.

General Strategy

One thing to understand right away is that Tekken is a type of game where the strategy is significantly impacted by the kind of opponent you’re playing against. Every rank group and playstyle requires an appropriate counter-strategy to succeed. For example, applying knowledge of frame data on lower skill opponents might quickly lose you the game because this King player thought that being at -7 was an excellent time to strike. As such, you need to approach the game gradually and recognize that sometimes the best option is the one that doesn’t work in theory.


As a fresh Dragunov player, you only need to concern yourself with the basics. Go through the moveset and memorize easy staple combos that you can reliably execute. Since Dragunov has many moves that can lead to a side switch, practice the motions on both sides to be comfortable in any situation. While simply playing the game, get a feel for the range your moves have. Knowing the reach of your attack will allow you to punish whiffed moves more efficiently while staying out of harm’s way. 

To avoid being overwhelmed with all the different strings and moves, start with a smaller pool of basic attacks like generic d/f1, d/f4, and jabs. Throw in d2 and d4 for low pokes and grabs to open up turtles. Add power crush as a panic button when your opponent is unrelenting in their offense. 

At this stage in the learning process, you should focus on committing everything to your muscle memory until you no longer have to think about what combo to use where or what was the input for that move you wanted to do.


Now that you are more familiar with the character, you can occupy your mind with more intricate details. First of all, learning how to crouch dash cancel consistently is one of the priorities for a Dragunov player. Not only is it a necessity for almost the entirety of advanced and max damage combos, but it’s also what gives you access to possibly the best wall carry in the entire game. Incorporating that into your gameplay will net a significant reward and give you more options to play with when fighting opponents. 

You should also be able to slowly but surely expand your arsenal. Through trial and error, you will better understand how to apply situational and other niche moves, as well as their impact on your opponent.


At this point, you should have a grasp of Dragunov’s general gameplay, tools, and combos, so it’s time to build up on top of this solid foundation. Begin learning frame data for Dragunov’s moves, mainly paying attention to those that are plus on block to create frame traps. If your opponent doesn’t respect frames, it will get them killed, and if they do, it grants you an opportunity for more advanced pressure. As you might have experienced by now, there are many finicky interactions at the wall, so it’s helpful to learn more complex wall combos and okizeme setups to get the most out of knockdowns. If you are confident in your execution, it’s also worth getting down a consistent iWR2. While you rarely want to chain consecutive WR2s, it’s advantageous to be able to use it point-blank once your opponent is conditioned to respect you instead of throwing out random attacks.

As with many Tekken characters, there’s still much to learn. Stage-specific combos, unique matchup interactions, counters to specific moves, etc. However, with your newly gained experience, it should be simple to identify new problems to solve and holes to patch up.

Now let's look at some of the key moves Dragunov has.

Tap Notation

Hold Notation

Tekken Move










Down & Forward










Down & Back










Up & Back










Up & Forward





No directional inputs





Side Step (Left/Right)





Quarter-circle forward





Quarter-circle back





Half-circle forward





Half-circle back





Counter Hit





While Standing





While Running





Left Punch





Right Punch





Left Kick





Right Kick




Base Moves

Move Start-up speed Hit Counter-hit Block Notes
WR2 i15~17
Launch +6~+8
First move that people think about when it comes to Dragunov. This attack serves as an approach and pressure tool with a considerable frame advantage on block, guaranteed follow up on normal hit, and full combo on counter-hit
d2 i18 +0 +13 -13 Dragunov’s defining low. With a decent range and relatively low risk of being blocked, you can use it to initiate pressure and chip away at the opponent’s health bar, which often baits them into getting counter-hit or becoming susceptible to powerful mids
d/f1 i13 +7 +7 -2 Generic d/f1, your primary means of checking and poking opponents. It can be continued with 4, which is a safe high that only connects on counter-hit and can be helpful if opponents try to challenge you immediately after a blocked d/f1
b1+2 i22~23 KND KND +6~+7 A slow attack that grants good frame advantage on block and guaranteed follow-ups on hit. It is best used when opponents don’t mash and respect your frames, and it’s stronger at the wall where the range is not an issгу
d/f4 i12 +2 +2 -9 Generic mid and an excellent ranged poke. You can use this to both poke opponents and keep them at bay
WS4 i11 +6 +6 -5 Great mid poke with even more range and better frame advantage than d/f4. Using it in neutral is more challenging but rewarding, and it’s also a common follow-up after d2
b3 i14 +11 +11 -9 Safe homing high kick. It can be used to check sidesteps and wall splats on normal hit
qcf1 i15~16 Launch Launch -3 Quick and safe high attack that launches on normal hit

Situational Moves

Move Start-up Speed Hit Counter-hit Block Notes
ff4 i21~23 KND KND +5 Similar to b3 with the obvious caveat of more range and greater reward on hit in exchange for being slower. Try this if the opponent tries to sidewalk your WR2
qcf3 i17~18 -6 KND -14~15 Dragunov’s furthest reaching low but minus on hit and pretty bad on block. Despite that, it can serve as an approach tool and deals decent damage on counter-hit
b1,2 i17 +9 +9 -13 Mid-mid poke with great range that can wall splat and has good frames on hit. However, at -13, it’s best used sparingly
1,2,1 i10 KND KND -14 Disastrous on block but a great move to punish aggressive opponents. The string is natural on CH but can’t be properly hit-confirmed. Instead, you need to react to whether or not your opponent was attacking before 1,2 part landing
u/f4 i22 KND KND -9 Safe jump kick mid that gives Dragunov a low crush option, but the hitbox is so high that it’s very susceptible to evasive moves
b4,3 i14 KND KND -9 A mid-high string that knocks down and can lead to a follow-up and safe on block
b4,2,1 i14 +5 +5 +1 This string it’s fine on its own, and it can also hit people trying to crouch under 3 part of b4,3, conditioning opponents to block instead or take a massive risk if they don’t
1+2 i21~22 KND KND -14 Decent power crush and one of the few panic moves Dragunov has
d3+4 i22~23 0 0 -11 Stomp that can only be used when the opponent is downed. Your go-to follow-up after landing knockdown moves



Start-up speed Move Hit Block Damage Note
i10 2,1 +6 -2 18
i10 1,3 +1 -7 21 Good for dealing slightly more damage but gives much less frame advantage
i12 3,1 +8 -6 27
i14 f4,4 +0 -11 30 Only applicable when close to the opponent, otherwise the first hit will whiff
i14 b3 +11 -9 17 Deals less damage but it's the only 14f punish option after getting pushed back. Crouch cancel 1+2 is technically possible but must be done with frame perfect accuracy and therefore too challenging and unreliable to recommend.
i15 d/f2 Launch -12 14
i15 b4,3 KND -9 37 Doesn't launch but can lead to good oki


Start-up speed Move Hit Block Damage Note
i10 1 +6 -5 5
i11 WS4 +6 -6 15
i12 WS1,2 +10 -7 29
i12 WS1,3 KND -15 28
i15 WS2 KND -12 15
i23 u/f4 Launch -11 25 Also known as the delayed hopkick, allows for some of the highest damage punishes


Starter Combo Damage
d/f2 Staple - d/f2, f4,4,3, b3, WR3, d4,4 61
Staple - d/f2, f4,4,3, 4,4, run up, 3,1,4 63
Hard - d/f2, f4,4,3, 1, f3~D/F~u, 4,4, run up, 3,1,D/F,n,1+2 68
qcf1 Staple - qcf1, f4,4,3, 4,4, run up, 3,1,4 69
Hard - qcf1, u, n, qcf4, b2,1, 1, f3~D/F~u, 4,4, run up, 3,1~D/F,n,1+2 75
qcf2 Staple - qcf2, f2,4, f3~D/F~u, 1, 4,4, run up, 3,1,4 77
Hard - qcf2, f2,4, microdash, 1, f3~D/F~u, 1, f3~D/F~u, 4,4, run up, f3~D/F,n,1+2 79
d/b3 Staple - d/b3, d2, WS4, b1,2, run up, 3,1,4 62
Hard - d/b3, d2, WS4, 1, f3~D/F~u, 4,4, run up, 3,1,4 67
f1+2 Staple - f1+2, f2,4(first hit whiffs), 3,1, 3,1,4 57
Hard - f1+2, qcf4, b2,1, 1, f3~D/F~u, 3,1,4 65
3+4 Staple - 3+4, 1(timed for quick rise), WS4, 1, 4,4, WR3, d4,4 66
Hard - 3+4, 1(timed for quick rise), WS4, f3~D/F~u, 1, f3~D/F~u, 4,4, run up, 3,1~D/F,n,1+2 70
Rage Drive Staple - WR1+2, f2,4(first hit whiffs), 3,1, 1, f1+2, run up, 3,1,4 75
Hard - WR1+2, U/F4, b2,1, 1, f3~D/F~u, 4,4, run up, 3,1~D/F,n,1+2 86

General note: If your combo was interrupted or ended in a wall splat, you could generally continue with 3,1~D/F,n,1+2 for a consistent and reliable wall finisher.

Tips against Dragunov

  • If you come up against a Dragunov player, make sure to keep your distance. He has plenty of solid options to pressure you up close. However, if you move back a bit, he becomes much less intimidating. 
  • Good throw breaks are helpful for any Tekken player, but they are especially crucial when playing against Dragunov. If you can’t recognize and break the throws, both low and high-skill opponents will try to exploit this. Luckily, all of his most dangerous grabs only work at close range, so if you can’t break them, you can at least try to keep your distance.
  • Don’t get too aggressive. While Dragunov lacks moves like a “magic 4”, he can still punish mashing opponents with strings that only work on counter-hit.
  • Don’t crouch. Dragunov’s lows are much less scary than his mids, as such, you are better off eating a d2 or d/b3, which only launches on a clean hit.



  • Poking - he has a variety of great options when poking opponents, thanks to an arsenal of very useful mids and solid strings.
  • Full throw game - with 1, 2, and 1+2 breaks, his close-range pressure poses a real threat to opponents.
  • Wall carry - Dragunov has possibly the best wall carry in the game and can carry opponents wall to wall on any stage. This increases the damage of his average combos and allows him to exercise his next strength easily.
  • Wall pressure - now that opponents can’t easily escape, Dragunov can relentlessly pressure them with poke, which can often result in scoring a counter-hit and subsequent wall splat or even wall bounce combo.
  • Whiff Punishment - many of his moves have a decent bit of forward momentum and range, allowing him to efficiently deal at least a bit of damage when opponents whiff.


  • Mediocre defense - with no good panic moves or escape options, Dragunov players will have to rely on their fundamentals and generic tools, which can make strong offensive characters quite challenging to deal with.
  • Situational counter-hit moves - many Tekken characters enjoy the luxury of things like “magic 4” or other one-hit CH moves that allow for follow-ups or full combos. Dragunov can’t boast a single move like that and, as such, can’t rely on them when fighting anyone but the most mash-happy opponents.
  • Tracking - many of his essential tools don’t have much tracking, requiring players to do specific moves and good reads to catch steps. 
  • Hitboxes - while minor, it’s nonetheless a noticeable issue with Dragunov. Many of his attacks, especially mids, are relatively high up, making him vulnerable to evasive moves and characters like Xiaoyu or Zafina.
  • Below average wall combos - his impressive wall carry guarantees that Dragunov can consistently get the opponent to the wall. However, his actual wall combos are short and don't stack up significant damage outside specific conditions.

Good Dragunov players to watch:

JDCR - Perhaps the definitive Dragunov for Tekken 7. While JDCR’s character roster is expansive, he remains an excellent Dragunov player and produces many videos that help new and experienced Tekken fans. You can watch him on Twitch and Youtube.

Nobi, NRC, Reka - while Nobi moved away from maining Dragunov and the latter two players don’t produce content like JDCR, you can still look up their matches for very high-level Dragunov gameplay.