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SOLO Esport

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Team roster


SOLO Esports is an esports organization in Senegal, founded in 2020; it is a pioneering professional esports club in West Africa. Its primary mission is to uplift African players, facilitating their participation in global competitions to establish Africa's presence on the esports stage. The club is active in various games, including Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear -Strive-, Mortal Kombat, FIFA, PUBG MOBILE, and League of Legends. SOLO Esports boasts a talented roster of 15 players, some of the most renowned names being Verix, a professional Guilty Gear -Strive- player and EVO finalist in 2023. Hamza is a professional Mortal Kombat player, a two-time African Champion in Mortal Kombat, and ranked 33rd at EVO in 2023. SOLO Esport is supported by The French Embassy of Senegal, Société Générale Sénégal, Dakar VTC and Institut Français.


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