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Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Skullgirls 2nd Encore


She is the youngest Renoir princess who has spent too much time inside the royal palace. Now, Umbrella is eager to defeat the Skullgirl, and this mission opens for her the amazing world of adventures. In the Skullgirls fights, Umbrella is a powerful grappler with an unusual Hunger mechanic.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 4

  • Mobility: 4

  • Assists: 7

  • Attack: 7


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.



Someone is seemingly hiding in a huge palace of the Renoir family. The rulers of the Canopy Kingdom have two daughters, and Umbrella is a younger one. Unlike her sister Parasoul, Umbrella spends most of her time indoors. Is such overprotection good for a girl?

Thank goodness, she has a true friend. Yep, it’s not a human being, but the living weapon Hungern is absolutely devoted to Umbrella.

The day has come, and the girl left her home — with the noble motivation to fight evil and spread justice all over the world.

The primary reason why Umbrella has started this mission is the attempt to stop the current Skullgirl and potentially even destroy Skull Heart. It is quite possible that Umbrella is the only one able to get rid of that evil artifact. 

Still, does she know about the role of Skull Heart in her family? When the Canopy Kingdom joined the war with two other countries, Queen Nancy Renoir wished for the conflict to stop. Skull Heart granted that — as usually, in a perverted way. The mother of Umbrella has become a new Skullgirl (one of the previous ones). The peace returned only when the nations decided to unite and defeat the transformed Nancy.

Can this story change the motivation of Umbrella? Would it make her desire to fight the Skullgirl even stronger?


Umbrella is kind of a typical young princess. She is somewhat spoiled, totally carefree, and hyper-energetic. The girl enjoys herself and the world. Umbrella blesses everything around with her playful mood — of course, everything except the evil, which should be defeated by the princess and her living weapon.

Fighting style

Umbrella's attacks deal significant damage. She has excellent grappler tools as Hungern can use his tongue to grab and throw opponents. Also, Umbrella has a move to reflect projectiles.

One feature of the character makes her especially interesting. It’s the Hunger Meter. You feed Hungern to make the hits faster (Ravenous) or more damaging but slower (Overstuffed). It would be better to avoid the Starving state, which decreases the general effectiveness of Umbrella. The Hunger Meter offers additional opportunities for emphasizing your favorite fighting style with the character.

Hungern extends the hurtboxes of Umbrella, making it easier for opponents to land a hit. This is one of her disadvantages. Also, you need to adapt to Umbrella's movement. It reflects her inexperience and might be a bit inconvenient in fights.


Umbrella is a small girl who always carries her living weapon with her. Hungern looks like an actual umbrella, but the creature has eyes and a mouth with sharp teeth and a long tongue.

Key Information

Birthday: July 17

Age: Unknown

Height: 3' 10”

Weight: 60 lbs.

Blood Type: O(?)

Parasite: Hungern

Availability: DLC, Season 1 Pass

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