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Juri Han is a brutal but cunning mind. She wishes to see the downfall of Shadaloo, especially after what they have done to her and her family. But she is more than willing to cross over many lines one would think of as evil.Know more

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Juri Han is a Street Fighter character that first joined the roster in 2010 when she was included in Street Fighter IV. The game has legendary status as one of the best Street Fighter games in the series, and Juri is a fairly popular character. Juri is a South Korean fighter with a major ax to grind with Shadaloo and M. Bison, who was responsible for the death of her parents and the loss of one of her eyes. While similar to Chun Li in terms of backstory, Juri is nothing like her Chinese counterpart as she instead revels in making her opponents as miserable as possible. 

To further her plans for revenge against Bison, she joined the clandestine organization, S.I.N, to help her against Shadaloo. While with them, she had the Feng Shui engine inserted in her eye. The Feng Shui engine enhances Juri’s powers and makes her a difficult opponent to handle. After her team-up with Seth fails, she decides to join forces with Helen (who is really Kolin) to take down Shadaloo. She is instrumental in Nash and Rashid’s success in damaging Shadaloo. While she got to fight Bison, she was unable to enact revenge, and we can be assured that she will continue to pursue Bison’s demise. 

Juri Trailer

Juri’s Playstyle

Okay, now that we have an idea of what makes Juri tick as a character, let’s talk about her fighting style. Juri is a practitioner of Taekwondo and is very kick-reliant. As a player in Street Fighter V, Juri is a mid to low-tier character, and you probably won’t find many people using her (Justakid and Infiltration are high-profile examples of Juri mains). That said, she is a pretty useful character. She excels in controlling the space and playing the neutral game with opponents. She doesn’t deal the highest amount of damage, which means she cannot excel as a rushdown character. At the same time, she doesn’t have the most stellar defensive options, which also means that she is not a zoner in any way, shape, or form. What you have with Juri is a character who has decent offensive and defensive tools while not excelling at either. What she does excel at is shutting down opponent options. She is a spoiler— a character who looks to frustrate her foe. She does this with a plethora of moves that are designed to annoy and frustrate whoever you’re playing against. Juri is quite dangerous against fireball characters as she has moves that can go through and over projectiles. Many of her moves are unsafe, so whoever is playing her must be cautious. If you can get the hang of her, though, you will be rewarded with a solid character who can vary her style and dominate the stage.

Best Buttons

To be completely honest, Juri does not have the best buttons in the game, as several of them are minus on block. But, she has a few that are really useful, and we’ll be examining some of them here. 

LP: Juri’s LP is one of the fastest moves in the game, which makes it incredibly useful. It’s 3f which is great frame data for any character. Not only that, but it hits mid, which means it will hit both standing and crouching opponents. LP is one of Juri’s go-to moves as it works as a great pressure tool thanks to the speed at which it moves. 

c.LP: This is another great move for Juri. It hits low, is fast, and can be canceled into specials. On top of that, the move is also rangy and can hit opponents a little farther away. In addition, it is one of the few Juri buttons that is plus on block. For anyone who wants to main Juri, her LPs are the go-to moves to execute.

MP: This is another of Juri’s great buttons. It is also plus on block and can be confirmed into a slew of specials. 

MK: This is easily Juri’s best button. The fact of the matter is it is one of the best buttons in the entire game. Juri is able to harass opponents with this button, thanks in no small part to its range. The range on Juri’s MK is phenomenal, but that’s not all there is to it. This button hits twice and deals a decent amount of damage to your foe. It can also be canceled into several moves. As mentioned earlier, it’s great for harassing other players and works as a useful poking tool. Funnily enough, the button is -4 on block, but it causes so much pushback that it is nigh on impossible to punish effectively. Therefore, Juri can use this move easily and with little restriction. 

c.MK: Unfortunately, this is another of Juri’s buttons that is minus on block. c.MK isn’t as good as the standing variant and is -6 on block. But, it has some decent range and is a reliable combo starter. You could even argue that it is Juri’s go-to move to start combos, making it a dangerous move for opponents to get hit with. 

HP: Typically speaking, heavy buttons are minus on block, and Juri’s is no exception. It’s -3, which is not too bad considering its heavy status. While this is not a safe button by any means, it certainly has its uses including its role as an anti-air. It is not the most reliable anti-air but a quick option for a player who has to react quickly. 

c.HP: So, this button is fascinating as it both acts as an incredible anti-air option and can even crush counter airborne enemies. However, it is pretty slow in getting started, and its hitbox is weird as it is almost completely vertical, meaning that Juri literally has to be standing in front of the opponent for it to hit. If the opposition is even a few inches away, it could whiff and open Juri up for a lot of damage. 

HK: There isn’t too much to say about this; it doesn’t have many distinguishing features besides its ability to advance Juri in neutral.

Back HK: This is another of Juri’s moves that hit twice, like MK, it is also minus on block and is cancelable into special moves. What makes this button unique is that it can be canceled on any of the hits. This means you can cancel into a special on the first or second hit, which makes it a little unpredictable.

Special Moves

Fuharenkyaku: Her first special move is a short-range projectile that is pretty low. Depending on the version you execute, it could become a series of kicks that chain together. As a move, it is pretty useful but is unsafe, so must be used with caution. The light version of the move has very little block stun. On the bright side, Juri can walk behind the fireball and lay on the pressure when in V-Trigger

Tensenrin: This is Juri’s DP. It is like a pinwheel kick and is Juri’s most reliable anti-air. The light version doesn’t leave the ground while the heavy version goes really high in the air. While this is minus on block, it can be used in certain situations while in neutral. The EX version is also very useful to get out of hairy situations, which can cause Juri to be incapable of fighting. 

Ryodansatsu: As far as special moves go, this is one of the less useful ones. This move is only helpful in certain situations. It’s capable of going over fireballs and is fast enough to make it difficult for opponents to defeat it with reflexes. However, it is -6 on block, making it incredibly unsafe for anyone to use. Also, it doesn’t have any invisibility until Juri hits the ground, meaning that she could be thrown out of it rather easily. This adds to the risk involved in the move. Thankfully, the EX version is a lot more viable as it tracks the opponents and also moves faster, making it even more difficult to react to. 


V-Skill I: Kasatsushu- This is a move that propels Juri across the screen and lets her hit the opponent in the back. Like almost all of Juri’s moves, it can be stored. The regular version of this V-Skill isn’t always useful as it is minus on block (-10) and isn’t particularly fast. When stored, it is a lot faster but also has the misfortune of being even more minus on block (-18), so you must always be wary when using it. 

V-Skill II: Fuha Enzan- Most Juri players don’t use this, considering how limited it is in its application. It causes a fiery red anklet to appear on Juri, which can be released into something that resembles a projectile.


V-Trigger I: Feng Shui Engine alpha- For most, this is Juri’s only V-Trigger. Her Feng Shui engine is pivotal to her attack as it allows her to link her regular attacks in ways she couldn’t before. In terms of comeback potential, this is what Juri has, and her ability to win relies heavily on this mechanic.

V-Trigger II: Feng Shui Engine beta- So… this V-Trigger is… not very good. It creates a circle around Juri’s feet which can steal V-gauge from the opponent, provided they are within the circle. On the one hand, it requires Juri to play dangerously close to the opponent to steal their meter. It also doesn’t work while Juri is airborne, making it incredibly limited. 

Juri’s Critical Art

This is called Sakkai Fuhazan, and it is a multi-hitting projectile. It is typically used as a combo ender or a round ender if you can chip your opponent to death. There is little else to say about it.


Juri’s Pros and Cons

As mentioned earlier, Juri is not a high-tier character, but she has a decent toolkit that makes her viable as a character to anyone who is interested. In this section, we’ll go over her pros and cons.


From the rest of this piece, you might be tempted to think that Juri isn’t handy, but this is false as Juri is quite adept at a few things. The first is her walk speed. Juri is a pretty quick character with a walk speed that enables her to control the neutral space. She accomplishes this with speed rather than menace. For instance, M. Bison isn’t fast, but he dominates by how imposing he is. For Juri, it’s how swiftly she can move around the screen. Apart from that, she also has great setups for tick throws. Because of how her buttons work, she is able to get in close to the opponent and make them think about what she wants to do next. This way, she can throw characters with ease as they gamble on whether Juri will hit them with a button or a throw. Also of note is her awesome V-Trigger I, which has so much comeback material that opponents are terrified of it. Finally, Juri isn’t the easiest character to master, meaning that if you can get the hang of how to use her, winning is especially satisfying. 


Now we come to the cons. The first is that she has a lot of buttons that are minus on block, meaning that she is pretty unsafe altogether. She cannot throw out moves with reckless abandon as some other characters can. Also, she is very resource-dependent. Juri’s base attack is negligible, and she needs her stores, EX moves, and V-Trigger to really deal significant damage to the enemy. 

How to Fight Juri

Fighting Juri could be a daunting task if she is in the hands of the right person. That said, there are some key elements of her game that, once shut down, make it almost impossible for her to fight. For instance, using a character that dominates the neutral better than she does can make her a lot easier to fight. Bison is a great example of this, as she is unable to really get going against him. This is because while Bison is weak against rushdown characters, Juri can only play that way in certain instances meaning that more often than not, she isn’t in the opponent’s face.

Also, Juri is resource-heavy, especially V-Trigger, so if you can force her into a situation where she has to use V-Reversal, which takes the option of V-Trigger away for the round, could be a great way to defeat Juri. Juri is excellent at shutting down the possibilities of players, but she also hates getting her choices taken away, and when she’s without options, she is a lot easier to defeat.

Juri Combos

Here are some of Juri’s combos

BnB Combos

LP, LP XX H. Tensenrin
LP, LP XX EX Tensenrin
LP, LK XX L. Tensenrin
LP, LK XX H. Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED)
LP, LK XX H. Tensenrin
LP, LK XX L. Tensenrin XX CA
LP, c.LP, LK XX L. Tensenrin
LP, c.LP, LK XX EX Fuharenkyaku
c.LK, c.LP XX L. Tensenrin
c.LK, c.LP XX EX Fuharenkyaku
c.LK, c.LP XX L. Tensenrin  XX CA
c.MK , L. Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED) ,H. Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED),M. Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED)
c.LP,c.LP XX L.Tensenrin
c.LP,c.LP XX EX Fuharenkyaku
MP, LK XX L.Tensenrin
MP, LK XX EX Fuharenkyaku
MP, LK XX L.Tensenrin  XX CA
c.HP XX EX Ryodansatsu ,H.Tensenrin
c.HP XX EX Ryodansatsu , EX Tensenrin
HP XX VT, c.MK XX HP XX H.Fuharenkyaku XX M.Fuharenkyaku
HP XX L.Ryodansatsu XX VT, EX Fuharenkyaku
HP XX M.Fuharenkyaku
HP XX H.Tensenrin
HP XX L.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED) XX CA
HP XX M.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED), c.MP XX L.Ryodansatsu
HP XX M.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED), c.MP XX L.Ryodansatsu XX CA
HP XX M.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED), c.MP XX H.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED)
HP XX M.Ryodansatsu XX CA
(CH) HP, LK XX L.Tensenrin
(CH) HP, LK XX L.Tensenrin XX CA
(CH) MP, c.MP XX  L.Ryodansatsu XX CA
b.HK(2) XX L.Fuharenkyaku
b.HK(2) XX M.Fuharenkyaku
b.HK(2) XX H.Fuharenkyaku
b.HK(2) XX L.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED)
b.HK(2) XX H.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED)
b.HK(2) XX MP+MK

Corner combos

(corner) j.HK, HP, L..Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED), HP,M..Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED),c.MP, H.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED) XX VT, HP, M..Fuharenkyaku ,c.MP, L.Fuharenkyaku, L.Tensenrin XX CA
(corner) j.HK, c.HP, M.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED), c.MP, H.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED) XX VT, HP, M.Fuharenkyaku, c.MP, L.Fuharenkyaku, L.Tensenrin XX CA
(corner)  (CC) HK, walk forward, HP XX M.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED), c.MP XX H.Fuharenkyaku (CHARGED) XX VT, HP XX L.Fuharenkyaku, L.Tensenrin XX CA
(near corner ) MP XX F.HP XX VT, j.LP XX j.MP~ j.HP, EX Tensenrin

Crush Counter

(CC) HK (MAX RANGE), L.Ryodansatsu
(CC) HK (MAX RANGE), L.Ryodansatsu XX CA
(CC) HK, walk forward, HP XX L.Ryodansatsu
(CC) HK, walk forward, HP XX M.Ryodansatsu
(CC) HK, walk forward, HP XX L.Ryodansatsu XX CA