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As a bearer of the golden idol of the kraken god Nagakabouros, she tests the faith of any who dare to oppose her.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 9

  • Toughness: 7

  • Control: 3

  • Mobility: 2

  • Utility: 1

  • Difficulty: 6




Illaoi hails from the Serpent Islands in the region of Bilgewater, a lawless and treacherous place known for its pirates, monsters, and cutthroat way of life. She was brought up as a very talented desciple dedicated to the worship of Nagakabouros, a powerful sea deity. Having displayed unnaturaly high spiritual talent, she was eyed as a future priestess from the very beginning. Having fallen in love with a pirate named Gangplank once, she had to abandon this relationship when she was selected to become the Truth Bearer of Nagakabouros.

As the Kraken Priestess, Illaoi is tasked with spreading the word of Nagakabouros and enforcing the will of the deity upon the people of Bilgewater. She is a formidable figure in the region, known for her immense physical strength and unwavering faith in the Kraken God. Illaoi's story unfolds as she carries out Nagakabouros' will, seeking to establish the deity's dominance over Bilgewater and facing challenges and adversaries who dare to stand in her way.


Illaoi's personality is defined by her unwavering faith and her indomitable spirit. She is a deeply religious character, devoted to the worship of Nagakabouros. Her faith is unshakable, and she approaches her role as the Kraken Priestess with a sense of duty and zeal.

Despite her fierce and formidable appearance, Illaoi is not a malevolent character. She values strength, determination, and the will to overcome challenges. Her sense of justice is rooted in her belief in Nagakabouros' teachings, making her a complex character who enforces her faith with both strength and a desire to guide others onto the path of the Kraken.

Illaoi's interactions with other champions and her role as a guardian of the faith of Nagakabouros make her a character who embodies the virtues of strength, devotion, and spirituality in the League of Legends universe.

Combat Style

Illaoi's combat style is a reflection of her physical prowess and her connection to the Kraken God. She is a juggernaut on the battlefield, known for her exceptional durability, crowd control, and area control. Her weapon of choice is a massive idol known as the "Eye of God," which she uses to channel the power of Nagakabouros.

Illaoi's abilities, such as "Tentacle Smash" and "Harsh Lesson," revolve around creating tentacles that deal damage and control the battlefield. Her ultimate ability, "Leap of Faith," allows her to summon several massive tentacles at once that wreaks havoc on her enemies.

In combat, Illaoi excels at taking on multiple foes and forcing enemies to engage her in her zone of control. Her combat style requires clever positioning and the ability to manipulate the battlefield, making her a strong pick for players who appreciate both offensive and defensive strategies.


Illaoi's appearance is a reflection of her role as the Kraken Priestess and her deep connection to the sea deity Nagakabouros. She is a towering and muscular figure, with skin tattooed with the symbols of the Kraken God. Her attire is a mix of rugged and religious elements, with torn garments, shells, and coral adornments.

One of Illaoi's most distinctive features is the idol she carries, the "Eye of God," which she wields with immense strength and power. She is adorned with trinkets and jewelry that symbolize her devotion to Nagakabouros.

Illaoi's towering presence, formidable physique, and religious adornments make her an imposing and captivating character. Her appearance reflects her role as the Kraken Priestess and her unyielding connection to the powerful deity that guides her path.

Key Information:

Title: The Kraken Priestess

Species: Human

Origin: Bilgewater

Age: 41-51

Combat Style: Power granted by Nagakabouros

Occupation: Truth Bearer of Nagakabouros

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