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A tech genius from the streets of Zaun, Ekko is a vigilante who manipulates time with his own Z-Drive device.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 9

  • Toughness: 5

  • Control: 6

  • Mobility: 9

  • Utility: 2

  • Difficulty: 8




Ekko hails from the underprivileged district of Zaun, a dark and chaotic place filled with social injustice and danger. He grew up as a street urchin, navigating the treacherous alleyways and surviving through cunning and quick thinking. Making friends with kids of a similar fate, they formed a group called “Lost Children of Zaun.” However, Ekko's life changed when he stumbled upon a broken hextech crystal. Being incredibly gifted in this field of work, he began experimenting with it until an accident revealed the power of time hidden behind it. He somehow managed to contain this power within a device he called Zero-Drive. This device allowed him to manipulate time, offering him the chance to rewrite history and correct the injustices he witnessed daily in Zaun.

Determined to use the Zero-Drive for the betterment of his community, Ekko embarked on a mission to confront the criminal overlords and corrupt authorities plaguing Zaun. His actions garnered the attention of the powerful and enigmatic people both in Piltover and Zaun, and this attention became a target on his back.

In the League of Legends, Ekko fights not only to change the future but also to expose the injustices of the present. His unique abilities and knowledge of time manipulation make him a formidable champion with the potential to rewrite the course of battles.


Ekko is a character defined by his youthful exuberance, unyielding determination, and an unshakable sense of justice. He is a charismatic and energetic individual who approaches life with a sense of curiosity and resourcefulness. Ekko embodies the spirit of rebellion against the unjust status quo, making him a relatable and endearing character.

Despite his mischievous and light-hearted demeanor, Ekko carries a heavy burden of responsibility. He understands the potential consequences of manipulating time and the importance of making the right choices. Ekko's character is shaped by a balance of youthful optimism and the weight of the responsibilities he shoulders, making him a multifaceted and relatable champion.

Combat Style

Ekko's combat style is a reflection of his time-manipulating abilities and his resourcefulness. He is an assassin and skirmisher, known for his agility, burst damage, and the ability to outmaneuver his opponents. His abilities, such as "Timewinder" and "Parallel Convergence," allow him to control the battlefield and create advantageous situations for himself and his team.

Ekko's signature ability, "Chronobreak," allows him to rewind time, healing himself while damaging his enemies. This unique mechanic makes him a versatile and unpredictable champion. In combat, he excels at engaging enemies, dealing quick bursts of damage, and escaping danger with his time-altering abilities.

His playstyle requires a combination of precise timing, positioning, and decision-making, making him a popular choice for players who appreciate strategic and agile champions. Ekko's resourcefulness and time-manipulation skills make him a standout character in the League of Legends roster.


Ekko's appearance reflects his street-smart origins in Zaun and his mastery of time manipulation. He sports distinctive overalls, goggles, and a shock of white hair, giving him a rebellious and unique look. His attire is a blend of urban street fashion and high-tech accessories, showcasing his resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Ekko carries a modified baseball bat, which serves as his weapon of choice in combat. His outfit and equipment reflect his knack for repurposing everyday objects into formidable tools. His striking white hair and glowing blue eyes are indicative of his connection to the Zero-Drive, a source of his time-manipulating abilities.

Key Information:

Title: The Boy Who Shattered Time

Species: Human

Origin: Zaun

Age: 18

Combat Style: Time manipulation

Occupation: Vigilante, Inventor

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