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  • Zinedine P.
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Zinedine ''Zin'' P. is a fighting games player from United Kingdom.

As a Guilty Gear -STRIVE- player Zin competed in such tournaments as Backyard V, Rekka 2, Saltmine League ARCREVO Daredevil - EMEA (PC), SaltyEU ARCREVO Daredevil - EMEA (PC), Break The Wall (PC) - ArcRevo EMEA Daredevil, ARCREVO EMEA Qualifier event #4, CEGA Gold Burst #4, Bite The Dust, NO MERCY ROUND 2 -PC-, Reach the Sommet, CEGA Gold Burst #3, Revolution 20XX -Xtend-, Let's Rock XXIII (PC), Rekka, Road to Red Bull Gladiators and others.

You can follow Zin on Twitter.

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