• Anthony J.
  • USA

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Anthony "Zealot" J. is a fighting games player from Colorado, United States.

Some of their best achievements include: 

  • 2021: Bristahood Brawl #33 (1st), The Allston Melee Bender (9th), Pound 2021 Online (13th), Frame Perfect Series 6 (3rd), Time Skip #1 (1st), The Returnament (1st).
  • 2020: The Grail (3rd), The Grail 2 (4th), Get On My Line 2020 (25th), Melee at Slippi Sundays #1 (1st), Rollback Rumble: SCL Q3 (9th).
  • 2019: ROOM 49: The Lost Tournament (3rd), Mouse 9 (4th), Melee at the Docks 17 (1st), Show Me Your Moves 20 (17th).
  • 2018: Battery Basement 9 (17th), Friday Night Fire #1 (1st), Queen City Clash (5th).
  • 2017: Battery Basement 8 (33rd), DreamHack Denver 2017 (25th).

You can find Zealot on Twitter and Twitch.