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YoutubeMan | Gonzalez

  • Marcus Culbert
  • USA

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Birthday : Jan 23, 1998 (26)
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Marcus Culbert "YoutubeMan" is a Super Smash Bros player from New Jersey, USA who previously went by the Gamertag "The Great Gonzales."

He mains Mr. Game & Watch with Palutena, Simon, Richter, Lucina, and Ness (his Smash 4 main) as secondaries in Ultimate. He has been hailed as one of the top SBB4 Ness mains in the world.

His breakout performance was at Royal Flush where he swept up the floor wit top contenders including John Numbers and WaDi and won 5th place.

YoutubeMan previously ranked 43rd in the PGRU Spring 2019 Power Rankings before being ousted from the list and is currently 8th on the New Jersey Ultimate Power Rankings. Let's hope the PGRU Spring 2020 list brings some good news.

Gonz (another moniker he goes by) has an overall set count of 82% and is a regular at Fusion: The Weekly, Platinum Star Smash, and Spectrum. He has teamed up with smashers like Blue, Fable, and Redeemer Z for Smash Ultimate doubles matches.

YoutubeMan also competed in ssbu singles and placed 2nd at Smashadelphia 2019, 3rd at The Scarlet Classic V, 13th at Smash'N'Splash 5, 17th at Suplex City Smash & Tri-state Showdown, and 25th at Collision 2019.

At Fireside Open 2019, he barely missed out on entering the Top 8 and ranked 9th after being defeated by Chrismus in the winners quarterfinals and Unknown in losers round 3. He was disqualified from Frostbite 2019.

Take a peek at Gonz's YouTube channel here.

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