Vapor (Noah H.)

  • Noah Hightower
  • USA

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Noah "Vapor" Hightower is a Smash Bros. player from Oklahoma, United States.

They competed in Victory Road, Smashcade and Smashcade Online, Elympics, Ultimate 32, Flat Combats, Mega Smash Mondays Online, Galaxy Gambit x Collision, Ultimate @ Xanadu, Spacestation Presents: The Airlock, No Man's Land where they achieved 9th place (SSBU), Ultimate Time Skip where they achieved 3rd (SSBU), Super Sabotage where they took 2nd place (SSBU), and Crews-in for a Bruisin' 4.

In their competitive runs, they've won sets against other notable players, such as Shadow_PR, Tenni, and Brr.

You can find Vapor on Twitter and Twitch.