UGS LordXav1er

  • Xavier Burrell
  • USA

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Xavier "UGS LordXav1er" Burrell is a fighting games player from Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

They competed in GUMS, Invasion, KTAR XVIII-XIX, Shine 2016-2017 and 2019, Smash on the Hill, GUTS 4, The Establishment 2, Shift, NEC 18 and 20, Winter Brawl 12, Overclocked II, CT GamerCon 2, GEICO Gaming, Red Bull Conquest, Northeast Championship 19, Battledome III, Final Round 2019, Summer Jam 13, DoA6 World Championship Online, East Coast Throwdown 2019, and various smaller tournaments.

You can find UGS LordXav1er on Twitter and Twitch.