Toronto Joe

  • Joe Cribari
  • Even Matchup Gaming
  • Canada

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Playing : 10+
Birthday : Jun 23, 1992 (30)
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Joe Cribari, known as Toronto Joe, is a Smash Ultimate player. He is regarded as a leader of the Canadian Smash with a lot of passion to Smash series, as he plays competitively since the very first title. Toronto Joe is also a content creator and a producer in Even Matchup Gaming, Nintendo Enthusiasts, and Smashboards. As an Ultimate player, he didn't achieve much yet, as the brightest years of his career were in SSB Brawl, Melee, and Wii U. Nevertheless he is appearing at various local, regional, and online fighting game events as a competitor, such as Don't Park on the Grass 2018 and Glitch 8 in 2020.