• Deion Thompson
  • USA

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Deion "Thompxson" Thomson is a professional esports athlete from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. Their main discipline is Killer Instinct, where they main Jago. Thompxson is ranked as the 2nd best KI player in the world, with a score of 1981, according to They are also known to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they main Young Link, Street Fighter V, SoulCalibur VI, and other fighting games. 

Even before their bold professional debut at Kumite in Tennessee 2016 (KI) -  2nd place, Thompxson had been known as a talented online player. From there on, they have started a streak of wild KI successes: 1st at CEO 2016, 1st at Kumite in Tennessee 2017, 9th at CEO 2017, 1st at Kumite in Tennessee 2018, 1st at CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships, 1st at Kumite in Tennessee 2019

As for the different fighting game disciplines, Thompxson played SSBU at Kumite in Tennessee 2019, along with SCVI. They also played SFV at Kumite in Tennessee 2017

Thompxson's style in KI is defined by the patient defensive gameplay and precise reads for opponents' openings. They abundantly use Jago's projectiles and special attacks and don't shy away from resetting them for extra damage.