The Notorious B.I.R.B.

  • Ahmir Ayala
  • USA

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Ahmir "The Notorious B.I.R.B." Ayala is a Smash Bros. player from Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Some of their best results include:

  • 2021: Kirbstomped 2 (17th), Juu Ni Kakuto Geemu (4th).
  • 2020: The Games #3 (9th), CoroNAL 1 (9th), Knights Smash Cup 3 (13th), CoroNAL7 (7th), CoroNAL9 (9th).
  • 2019: SMASHLAN'D #73 (9th), SMASHLAN'D #77 (17th), Class Change Bard (13th).

You can find The Notorious B.I.R.B. on Twitter and Twitch.