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  • Souta Jyoko
  • Japan

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TarisCutter (タリスカッター) is a fighting game player from Japan who has competed in tournaments such as:

  • 2021: CHIKURIN CUP 2021 ONLINE (5th), HAKAIOH YUYUCUP / TEKKEN ONLINE DOJO2021 DOJO96+ (33rd), MASTERCUP 100 ONE HUNDRED (33rd), Red Bull 5G 2021 FIGHTING, TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021: Japan Online Masters (25th), TSF CUP FINAL TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021 DOJO (17th).
  • 2020: EVO Japan 2020.
  • 2019: CELLPRO Singles DOJO TOURNAMENT (9th), Chikurin Cup (13th), HAKAIOH YUYU CUP, MASTERCUP TRY TOKYO 2019, TOKYO TEKKEN MASTERS 2019, Wellplayed Challenger (13th).
  • 2018: EVO Japan 2018.

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