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Solbrother3, formerly known as 2Rare2Live2Rare2Die is a fighting games competitor from WellingtonNew Zealand. Their key discipline is Street Fighter V, where they main Ken. Asides from that, Solbrother3 is also known to play Dragon Ball FighterZ

According to, Solbrother3 is ranked as #10th best player in New Zealand

Solbrother3's career in competitive SFV began at SXU2017, where they took 17th place. They have since played SFV at such notable events as: 

• 2018: SFV20180408 (the 1st place), Crush Counter Capital 2018 (7th place), Red Bull Kumite NZ Qualifier (the 5th place). 

• 2019: Wellington Ranbats 07/04/2019 (the 1st place), Wellington Ranbats 16/06/2019 (the 1st place), Wellington Ranbats 13/07/2019 (the 1st place), Damager Cup 2019 (the 5th place). 

• 2020: Wellington Ranbats 12/01/2020 (the 1st place), Wellington Ranbats 09/02/2020 (the 2nd place), Southern Cross Up 2020

• 2021: Crush Counter Capital 2021 (5th place), and others.