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Soap (US)

  • Justin Dunbar
  • USA

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Playing : 7+
Birthday : Feb 20, 1995 (29)
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Justin "Soap" Dunbar is a fighting games competitor from Miami, Florida, USA. Their key discipline is Dragon Ball FighterZ, where they main Bardock. They are also known to play Guilty Gear: StriveMarvel vs Capcom: InfiniteStreet Fighter V and other fighting games. 

Soap made their competitive debut at CEO 2016 (SFV). They played the same discipline at CEO in the following year. Later on in their career, Dunbar was primarily focused on DBFZ, playing it at such notable events as: ECG East Coast Budakai | Dragonball FighterZ Tournament [02.11.18] (the 1st place), CEO Citrus Clash: Rise on April 7th (9th place), CEOtaku 2018 (33rd place), COMBO BREAKER 2019 (33rd place), CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships, CEOtaku 2019 (17th place), Frosty Faustings XII 2020, and others. 

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