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SIK-DrMozzko is a Mortal Kombat competitor from Montil, FloridaUSA. Their key disciplines are Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11, where they main Kung Lao.

SIK-DrMozzko made their competitive debut at Take The Throne Latan in 2018 (MKX), where they took 25th place. Starting 2019, SIK-DrMozzko has been focused on MK11, playing it at such events as: 

  • 2019: The Pit: Open Qualifier, Destroyer's Invitational V (Open Qualifier II), Atlantis CGL Qualifiers, Khristmas Kombat (17th place), Kombat Cup: Road to LCQ (9th place).
  • 2020: EFL's Monthly Mix-Up #1 (the 1st place), Kombat Island, Destroyer's Resurrection Qualifier 1, Caged Vendetta's, The Kolosseum (Week 2) (33rd place), Ringside Rumble Online: August 2020 (1st place), The Pit: MK 11 Aftermath tournament 1 (the 2nd place), SLC|Barfights Online: September 2020 (the 1st place), The Pit: King of the Kytinn (the 1st place), Defend the Realm 3: Battle for Earth (the 1st place).   
  • 2021: Champions of the Realms II PS4 NA, Legacy of the Loyalists, Downtown Beatdown Online 4/10 (the 1st place), Golden Fight League: Season 04 (the 2nd place).