Shinobi (US)

  • Brandan Gonzalez
  • USA

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Brandan "ShinobiGonzalez is a fighting games competitor from TampaFloridaUSA. Gonzalez's key discipline is Dragon Ball FighterZ, where they main Adult Gohan. They are also known to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they main MewtwoMortal Kombat 11Guilty Gear: Strive,  and other fighting games.

Shinobi made their competitive debut at CEO Citrus Clash: Rise on April 7th in 2018 (DBFZ), where they took 25th place. They have since been playing DBFZ, taking part in such notable events as: 

  • 2018: TNS Back From Korea Edition (7th place), GatorLAN Spring 2018 (7th place), TNS Countdown to CEO (the 2nd place), CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships (49th place), Evo 2018, Tampa Never Sleeps August 31st (the 1st place), CEOtaku 2018 (33rd place), Juicy Monthly - September 29, 2018! (the 1st place).
  • 2019: TNS FGC February 22nd (the 2nd place), Florida Game Con at USF (the 2nd place), FINAL ROUND 2019 (17th place), CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (25th place), CEOtaku 2019 (17th place). 
  • 2020: Tampa Never Sleeps 8 (the 3rd place), Rocket League Charity (the 1st place), JRGB FGC Night #1 (the 1st place), and others.