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Shin Tristan

  • Shin Tristan
  • USA

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Shin Tristan is an American fighting games player. He competes in Tekken 7 and Killer Instinct. 

In Tekken 7 Shin Tristan is best known for participating at Winter Brawl 3D 2020, where he finished 33rd. 

He also took part in many Killer Instinct events such as Apex 2014, Civil War VI, Summer Jam 8, Winter Brawl 9, Final Round 18, Combo Breaker 2015, CEO 2015, KI World Cup 2016, Texas Showdown 2016, Combo Breaker 2016, EVO 2016, Defend the North 2016, and Killer Instinct World Cup 2017.

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