• Rizwan Khan
  • USA

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Rizwan Khan, also known as "Riz" or "Avalon" is a Super Smash Bros player from New Jersey.

Ranked 11th in the New Jersey Smash 4 Power Rankings, Riz is mains Mii Swordfighter in Smash Ultimate. In Smash 4, he mains Sheik and Meta Knight is known to have defeated top contenders including Nairo, Hackoru, and Tweek.

He has an overall set count of 63 % and has teamed up with Arhungry and Pelca to participate in Smash doubles matches.

Riz has competed in ssbu singles and ranked 5th at Platinum Starcadian Season 2, 49th at Let's Make Moves and 129th at GENESIS 6. However, he was disqualified at Collision 2019, Glitch 6, MomoCon 2019, and Let's Make Big Moves.

Riz is also a fan of Final Fantasy VII. Take a peek at his Twitter here and his matches here.