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Ravenhealing is a fighting game player from Ireland who competes in titles like Rivals of Aether and Super Smash Bros in tournaments such as:

  • 2021: As1 Arena - Oct 16 (7th), Ireland's Big Smashup: New Year New Fights (5th), Irish Collegiate Esports Smash Ultimate Online 2021 Finals (3rd), SWT: Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier (65th), The Smash Ireland Crew Kerfuffle 2.
  • 2020: CGN OPEN WIFI (33rd), London Esports WiFi Special (17th), New Era 2 - The UK's first Ultimate Arcadian (4th), Solidarity: A COVID-19 Fundraiser (3rd), Unification.
  • 2019: Albion 4, Celtic Throwdown 2019 (9th in BBTag & SSBU), Halloween Havoc 2019 (9th in DBFZ & SSBU), Impact 7 (9th), Insomnia Dublin Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament (3rd), Schism 3.