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  • Phillip Prophete
  • USA

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Playing : 9+
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Phillip "Prophete" Prophete, is a fighting games competitor from Miami, Florida, USA. Their key discipline is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom: 3, where they main Zero. Prophete is also known to compete in Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZGranblue Fantasy: VersusGuilty Gear: Strive, Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, and other fighting games. 

Prophete made their competitive debut at CEO 2014, where they took 25th place in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom: 3. They have since played at such notable events as: 

• 2017: Tampa Never Sleeps 7 (7th in UMvC 3), FINAL ROUND 20, TNS UMvC3 and SFV Weeklies #3 (the 2nd in UMvC 3), GoTE 4TheKids 2017 (the 1st in UMvC 3), Combo Breaker, CEO 2017, Evo 2017 (17th in UMvC 3), CEOtaku 2017, TNS November 2017 (the 2nd place), Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Battle for the Stones Online Qualifier (17th place).

• 2018: FINAL ROUND 2018, TNS Countdown to CEO (the 3rd in MvC:I), CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships, Evo 2018 (257th in DBFZ), CEOtaku 2018.  

• 2019: FINAL ROUND 2019, CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (49th in DBFZ), TNS FGC September 21st (the 1st place), CEOtaku 2019 (9th UMvC:3, 17th in DBFZ). 

• 2020: Tampa Never Sleeps 8.

• 2021: TNS Guilty Gear Strive #4, The Reversal Online #10, and others.