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  • Mateus Jordao
  • Brazil

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Mateus "Pajé" Jordao is a Brawlhalla player from Brazil.

Some of their best achievements include:

  • 2021: 9th place at Winter Championship 2021, 9th place at Spring Championship 2021, 9th place at Autumn Championship 2021.
  • 2020: 7th place at UbiBrawl Arena, 9th place at Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2020, 25th place at Summer Championship 2020, 13th place at SteelSeries Championship, 4th place at Mammoth Cup, 9th place at Autumn Championship 2020, 1st place at Brawlhalla World Championship 2020 LCQ.
  • 2019: 17th place at Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2019, 13th place at Brazil Winter Championship.
  • 2018: 3rd place at Brawl Monthly South America 2.
  • 2017: 4th place at BCX Regional Qualifier - BRZ.

You can find Pajé on Twitter and Twitch.