• Jay N.
  • Netherlands

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Jay N. "Ninjin" is a competitive gamer and caster who specializes in fighting games.

Ninjin mains Jin Kazama who he believes is the coolest character in the Tekken series. He started competing in Tekken since December 2017 and now focuses on providing commentary and streaming.

He competed and ranked 13th Esports Game Arena: Fight Night XL 3 - Winter Edition, 17th at Revival IV, 25th at Pearl Fist Tournament - Edition 1, 33rd at Force Cup 3, 49th at Don't Whiff, and 129th at VSFighting 2019.

At Tekken National Championship, Ninjin ranked 33rd with 60% set wins after being defeated by Jish in winners quarterfinal and Leesbrilll in losers quarterfinals of Pool 6.

Ninjin is a fan of Final Fantasy VII Remake, retro games, and Sword Art Online. Take a peek at Ninjin's Twitch and YouTube channels.