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Nemugaki (ねむがき) is a Japanese Super Smash Bros player. He mains Lucas with Ness, Hero, and Min Min as secondaries. He has competed in several tourneys including Heijitshinosuma 14, Kagaribi, Lightning Smash 15, Seibugeki 4, Sumabukuro 12/15, Toryumon Kiwami, Tsukubra 4, Umebura SP 4.

At the EVO Japan 2020 SSBU event, Nemugaki ranked 97th place out of 2988 entrants. He was able to maintain a good start in the first and second rounds. He had his first loss against fellow participant Miso in the SPJ9 pool semi-finals and another loss in the round 3 SPK15 losers round 2 against Hitachi Hazuki.

Nemugaki has a known penchant for drinking juice. Follow him on Twitter.