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  • Ronnie Davis
  • USA

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Ronnie "Nekomata" Davis is a fighitng games player from Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America. He competes in Mortal Kombat XL, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

His main character in MK is Johnny Kage.

Nekomata is best known for participating at Kombat Cup events, Kumite In Tennessee 2017, Kumite in Tennessee 2018War of the Gods events, FINAL ROUND 2018, COMBO BREAKER 2018, FINAL ROUND 2019Kumite in Tennessee 2020, CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships, Sono Con X New Challenger Approaching, and The Kolosseum events.

He also became the champion at NCA Live Vol. 15.