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  • Benny C
  • New Zealand

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Benny "MuiceC is a fighting games competitor from New Zealand. Their key disciplines are Street Fighter V, where they main Ken, and Samurai Shodown.  They are also known to play Ultra Street Fighter IV

The earliest record of Muice's competitive performance tracks back to Ranking Battles Grand Finals in 2016 (SFV), where they took the 2nd place. In the following years, they played at such notable events as: 

• 2019: Auckland Ranbats 2019 Round 8 (SS) - the 2nd place; Southern Cross Up 2019 (SS) - the 3rd place; Southern Cross Up 2019 (SFV).

• 2020: Wellington Ranbats 26/01/2020 (SS) - the 1st place; NZ Ranbats Online Series (SFV) - 7th place; NZ Ranbats Online Series (SS) - the 1st place; Auckland Ranbats 2020 Round 3 (SS) - the 1st place.

• 2021: Crush Counter Capital 2021 (SFV) - 9th place, and others. 

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