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Ben "Mr Mostafles" Hartman is a fighting game player, commentator, and tournament organizer, and staff writer for He has competed in tournaments such as:
  • 2021: Combo Breaker 2021 - LKO Pop Up Tournaments (7th), K*s Kookout, Summer Jam 2021 (65th in SFV), Synthwave X #22, Tension x Shift #1.
  • 2020: Counter Hit: New Decade, New Battles!, Equalizer #4, Low Kick Online, Synthwave X #21.
  • 2019: COMBO BREAKER 2019, Talons Up! - Back to BG ESports Event.
  • 2018: Capcom Cup 2018 SFVAE Last Chance Qualifier, EVO 2018.